May 29, 2024
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    • Character: Almighty Slash
      World: Nevia

      Video Description:
      In a land filled with mysteries and challenges, Almighty Slash, along with his loyal friends, embarks on an epic quest to rescue their captured comrade, Drammus. After two grueling days, they arrive at a formidable fortress, ruled by the fearsome The Orc King. Amid fierce battles and…Read More

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      Name: Almighty Slash
      Server: Olima

      Title: Stolen Love Memories

      During a Tibian summer, Eventholder was reveling on the stunning beaches of Liberty Bay. In a laid-back bar, his gaze met that of Aurora, a lady of dazzling beauty. An overwhelming passion quickly blossomed between them.

      Love was in the air, and Eventholder shared with Aurora his…Read More

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