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      Name: Bomdrax
      Server: Yonabra
      Title: A Burning Prank

      It was another ordinary day in Thais. Eventholder wakes up from his sleep and prepares for another day of adventures when, to his surprise, he finds his Memory Box gone!

      In the place where she was, Eventholder finds a playing card with a joker, and a message: “If you want it back, you will have to feel the heat of the focus”.

      What would that be? A kidnapping? A revenge? There were many unanswered questions, and Eventholder only thought about getting his camera back.

      He left in search of answers. In the street of Thais he found Aruda. He tried to talk to her, but all he got was his coins stolen.

      He then decided to go to the King. Eventholder told what happened. The King said that Bozo was gone, and returned to the castle with a picture of Rookgaard and smelling of smoke, all the while laughing nonstop.

      He then remembered the joker card with the riddle “If you want it back, you’ll have to feel the heat of focus”. What would that focus be? Of course, a bright spot!

      Eventholder then started to put the pieces together. Bozo with a photo; a joker card with the riddle; smell of smoke. Where could this all fit in?

      Of course, at the Thais lighthouse!!!

      Eventholder ran to the lighthouse, climbed the stairs and, to his happiness, found the Memory Box. Intact!!!

      He then went to talk to Bozo to find out why he had done that. He then said:

      “I just wanted a picture of Rookgaard. And there’s a great view there. And what better than a prank to top it off HAHAHAAH”

      Although enraged, Eventholder was happy to retrieve his camera. And now you can re-record the incredible adventures!

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        Name: Psykeeh
        Server: Havera
        Title: ˗ˏˋ ♡  It is always love’s fault!  ♡ ˎˊ˗

        “A thief attacked Thais Museum and stole Eventholder’s Memory Box! Help and get rewarded”, yeld Towncryer in Thais.

        In a few minutes, the boat was covered with people that wanted to help (or just get rewards)

        Cillia, who has worked in the Museum for many years, mentioned that the thief left a clue: lots of sand.

        Many brave warriors were looking for details, including a Mage that had a Squirrel as her best friend. “Why sand? “Why a ring?”, was the girl muttered softly.

        While walking to the Museum they came across Eleonore getting off the boat, then she noticed that Elenore’s dress and shoes were covered with sand.

        “Wait, we just arrived, how is she dirty?”, said the Mage.

        “Liberty Bay’s beach, maybe she got dirty there”, commented the squirrel.

        When they arrived at the Museum, Eleonore stood out from the crowd, she looked way too nervous while talking to her dad, Percy Silverhand, the governor of LB and King’s representative.

        “She is not using her ring; she never takes it off since Raymond Strike left her. Let’s follow her after here!”.

        They followed Eleonore and her dad, they went to Liberty Bay beach. And behind the tree, they heard the conversation.

        “Here it is. I am so sorry Dad, I was missing him so much, I needed to see our old pictures”, cried Eleonore.

        “I know sweet pie, don’t worry, I will make sure the Memory Box is back in the morning”.

        The Mage and her little friend left when got the opportunity and explained the situation to Eventholder, who wisely said “I got my Memory Box back and she got her memories back too. It is all good, I still will reward you.”

        Both friends walked away and exclaimed at the same time “Always love’s fault”.

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        Anne Fearless
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          Name: Anne Fearless
          Server: Seanera
          Title: The lament


          A lament ran through his body and Eventholder thought about the actions that had led him to this moment. He sighed in pain, between his paws he had his broken Memory Box. He wondered if his mission to capture the happy memories had all been in vain…

          Eventholder glared at the man in front of him. He had led him to this horrible fate.

          “I’m sorry…”. Said the man.

          “Are you serious?, you stole what I loved the most. That’s why we are here, captured by the demons of Kha’zeel, about to suffer a horrible death!”

          “If we are gonna die at least I had to apologize. I didn’t steal your camera out of malice, let me explain…”

          “Explain what?”

          “My name is Tarun, let me tell you the story of my lost brother.”



          “You lost your brother… here? And I had taken a picture of him?”

          “It wasn’t the big photo, he was in the background. Please, understand me. Losing him was like having a part of my soul ripped out. Now all the bits of him interest me… But… I admit I was wrong… My brother is dead, but you had a wonderful life. I should die, not you.”

          “NO!” Eventholder yelled remorsefully. “I was wrong. I thought that my memories depended on my camera, but it is not like that…”

          Tarun smiled at him, “we are fools, aren’t we?…”

          Eventholder smiled back… “At least I’ll be leaving with a new friend.”

          Strong footsteps getting closer… the door creaked with an infernal sound…

          “I will never regret this journey…”

          “I’ll meet my brother again…”

          The darkness, the silence… the light.


          “Are you ok?” a snake-woman appeared… “I am a naga. As long as I’m here, those monsters won’t have dinner.”


          Umbra mckeening
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            The contest ended this morning (Server save) Thank you all for your amazing stories.

            i will close this now so we can begin voting 🙂 this takes some time so keep an eye on the site!

            the winners will be published on the left side of the site underneath the home button.

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              Dear TibiaEvents users,
              Thank you all for participating in Eventholder’s Revenge. With the help of the CMs and other admins, we got a result.
              You can find the winners here.

              We hope you enjoyed it. Congratulations!

              Your TibiaEvents Team.

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