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      Dear TibiaEvents users,

      Welcome back!

      All entries can be posted here.

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        Name: Opior
        Server: Etebra
        Title: Eventholder’s Expedition: Depths of Kazordoon

        The scent of roasting chestnuts filled the air as Eventholder, a renowned photographer, walked through the bustling streets of Edron. He was known for capturing life’s fleeting moments with a keen eye and a quick shutter finger. However, the beautiful historic buildings faded into the background when he realized his precious camera was missing.

        Eventholder’s search first led him to a flea market in Kazordoon. After hours of sifting through the stalls, he found no trace of his precious camera. Disheartened, he decided to take a break at his friend Maryza’s tavern. As he savored his drink, he noticed a photograph in the local newspaper, a striking image of the legendary gates of the dwarf city.

        It was his photograph. A photograph taken with his stolen camera. Eventholder could tell, not just because he knew his work, but because the photograph had the subtle, unmistakable warmth of his camera lens.

        Spurred on by this clue, he embarked on his adventure in search of his stolen camera. Upon arriving at the location of the taken photo, Eventholder saw a person entering the tunnels of the city.

        Eventholder’s heart raced, and without wasting any more time, he plunged into the intricate maze of the magnificent dwarf city’s underground. Armed with a torch, he braved dark tunnels, encountering rats, rotworms, and echoes of the past. Days passed, and our hero found nothing.

        Demotivated, he returned to his friend’s tavern, to his surprise, a dwarf child was drinking a juice, and his camera was by her side. But when Eventholder finally picked up his camera, he realized that the child had customized the camera with bright and colorful stickers of unicorns and rainbows.

        Eventholder laughed and shook his head in disbelief. Now, every time he used his camera, he couldn’t help but smile.

        Kelah Invencivel
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          Name: Kelah Invencivel
          Server: Libertabra
          Tittle: The Fox and the Eventholder’s


          In a world where it was very common for crimes to be committed,where friendship was practically a luxury to have,it was where a great and successful event organizer realized that his camera had been stolen, but it was not just any camera. It was the famous chamber called Memory Box, because it contained old and successful memories such as Rookgaard’s first level one hundred (Sunrise), the Family Del’Toro completing their first Annihilator when only two of the members were able to complete that adventure and obtaining the first and precious Stonecutter Axe, had memories of Bubble,Tomurka,Eternal Oblivion, but the most precious thing that that camera had was the exact moment where Arieswar kills a Dragon Lord and goes up many levels excessively and the organizer could not reveal said memory since the gods had fixed that he could have captured that moment but no one else could see him, so he took his armor, his sword and went looking for the thief, he spent days and days asking around the city and searching desperately, he ran into many enemies but finally found a a cave far away and hidden from Steven, an audaz fox, cornered him in a corner of the cave and asked him who else had seen the secrets and memories that his camera had to which Steven, replied , on his knees asking for forgiveness and begging for what he had committed that no one else had seen anything, only him. It was there that the organizer retrieved his camera and ran his sword through the fox’s chest while telling him that he could not let him live because of his agreement with the gods. With all this over, the gods gave you a thumbs up to keep using your camera and keep capturing the best moments!

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            Name: Bruttosking

            Server: Honbra

            Title : Goblins with the Eventholder Camera

            Eventholder, a talented adventurer from Carlin, had his beloved camera, the Memory Box, stolen by mischievous goblins. Determined to retrieve it, he embarked on a quest through the dangerous lands of the kingdom.

            Following the clues, Eventholder arrived at a goblin village where he discovered that they were using the camera in a funny and unaware manner of its value. Instead of confronting them, Eventholder taught the goblins how to properly use the camera, creating happy moments and capturing memories.

            Grateful for Eventholder’s generosity, the goblins promised to help him find the true thieves. Together, they embarked on a pursuit filled with confusion until they caught up with the culprits.

            With his camera recovered, Eventholder thanked the goblins and vowed to create a special album featuring their stories. The friendship between Eventholder and the goblins transformed into a lasting partnership, where everyone shared their memories and joys.

            Eventholder returned to his city, and his adventure spread, inspiring others to create their own memories. His photographs continued to bring smiles to the faces of Tibians, and the Memory Box became a symbol of unity and happiness.

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              Name: Muriartti
              Server: Wintera
              Title: The Theft of the Memory Box
              Eventholder: Hail Queen Eloise, My name is Eventholder, My Memory box has been stolen… Will any of Your knights have any information?
              Queen Eloise: Greetings, noble Knight, According to my personal guard Barbara, Rumors have been heard that a magician is Stealing Valuable Items, he has also heard that there is some kind of market in the depths of my city.
              Eventholder: I understand My Queen, I’ll start with those places…
              Eventholder: Hello Innkeeper Could I have a Beer…
              Karl: Pshhht! Not so strong… welcome…
              Eventholder: what a great story about the beers and the queen, I’ve heard they sell goodies around here. Do you know anything about this?
              Karl:… A wizard named Zarabustor, he’s selling Stolen Items, but he can’t get it easily, you have to go deep into the Fields of Glory on the outskirts of the city.
              Eventholder: Thanks for the help.
              Eventholder: Now here in the Depths, after weeks of walking in an endless maze I have reached Demona, and have found a door leading to the Warlock Wizard Hideout.
              Eventholder: After entering and fighting fervently against many Wizards, Dragons, and arcane elf I have reached the final room, where the leader Zarabustor is located.
              Eventholder: Zarabustor Give me back my memory Box, I know you have it…
              Zarabustor: If you dare enter our Lair, you will die for this blasphemy.
              Eventholder: Our battle was fervent the Magician Zarabustor, I call his guards Djinn’s and Warlock’s, I had to use a magic wall, and attack him with the sudden deatch, Zarabustor ran I couldn’t believe it and abandoned his guards, which I easily defeated, then he became invisible and was healing, I chased him and got him at the end of the room behind a bookshelf, I defeated him and managed to retrieve my Mystery Box.

              Tonfiu Pall
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                Name: Tonfiu Pall
                Server: Luminera
                Title: The Memory Box Heist

                In the bustling city of Thais, Eventholder’s beloved Memory Box was stolen right under his nose.

                Determined to retrieve it, he embarked on a quest for revenge

                Rumors swirled through the city, pointing to a notorious young thief known as “Whisper,” a shadowy figure with a penchant for stealing precious artifacts.

                Eventholder set out to uncover the truth, starting with an informant at the local tavern.

                The informant, a grizzled old pirate named Captain Blackbeard, revealed that Whisper was last seen heading towards the haunted dungeon of Drefia.

                Eventholder braved the eerie depths, facing fearsome creatures and deadly traps. With quick thinking and the help of a mischievous imp named Sparkle, he navigated the treacherous corridors and emerged with a valuable clue.

                The clue led Eventholder to the enchanted forest of Feyrist, where he encountered a peculiar pixie named Glitterwing.

                Glitterwing offered her assistance in exchange for a favor.

                Eventholder agreed, and together they embarked on a journey to the mysterious Isle Ingol home of Zoralurk.

                On the island, Eventholder and Glitterwing discovered a secret hideout, filled with stolen treasures.

                They confronted Whisper, a cunning thief with a mesmerizing charm. In a battle of wits and magic, Eventholder outsmarted Whisper and retrieved his beloved Memory Box.

                But the story didn’t end there. Eventholder realized that beneath Whisper’s thieving exterior, there was a lost soul seeking redemption. With a touch of empathy, Eventholder extended a hand of friendship, offering Whisper a chance to change his ways.

                Together, they returned to Thais, where Eventholder’s triumph was celebrated by the city’s inhabitants. His story of vengeance and redemption became legendary, inspiring others to find forgiveness in unexpected places.

                And so, Eventholder continued to capture thrilling moments in Tibia, but now, it also held the memories of an unlikely alliance.

                Brom El Bardo
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                  Name: Brom El Bardo
                  Server: Belobra
                  Title: The Stolen Memories

                  Beb, a fearless warrior, is sent on a mission to retrieve the Memory Box, stolen by a mysterious thief. However, this seemingly ordinary camera holds a dark secret: it possesses the power to unveil ancient and powerful secrets.

                  Determined to unravel this mystery, Beb faces unimaginable dangers. They delve into treacherous dungeons, battle terrifying creatures, and unravel ancient puzzles. With each step, they draw closer to the thief and the hidden truth within the Memory Box.

                  Ancient secrets and forgotten prophecies begin to surface, leaving Beb intrigued and suspicious. The camera is more than just a common object; it is a magical artifact with powers beyond human comprehension.

                  As Beb progresses on their journey, they encounter unlikely allies and treacherous enemies. Betrayals and plot twists test their courage and determination. They must make difficult choices and risk everything to protect Tibia from this dark secret.

                  In the final confrontation, Beb faces the thief in a somber and mysterious setting. As the battle unfolds, they uncover the terrifying truth behind the Memory Box and the secrets it holds. The fate of Tibia hangs in the balance.

                  Beb emerges triumphant but aware that the mystery is far from unraveling. They become the guardian of the secrets, dedicated to protecting the world from the dark forces that seek to exploit the power of the Memory Box for sinister purposes.

                  This thrilling story will take readers on a journey of deep discoveries and shocking revelations. The Memory Box is more than just a stolen camera; it is a gateway to powerful secrets that can change the destiny of Tibia. Beb is the only hope to unravel this enigma and ensure the safety of the world they have sworn to protect.

                  Dave Knightfall
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                    Name: Dave Knightfall

                    Server: Belobra

                    Title: Photographic Sorcery


                    Renowned photographer Eventholder’s memory box is stolen, prompting him to assemble a party comprising a sorcerer, druid, knight, and paladin. The party gathered to investigate the room where the camera was. As they examined, the sorcerer’s keen senses detected a lingering trace of dark magic, he founds an unsettling fusion of Bonelord sorcery and demonic energy. A clear indication, that a Bonelord, had succumbed to the temptations of demonic influence.

                    Their investigation led them through dungeons with formidable creatures guarding the Bonelord’s lair.

                    They discovered a hidden chamber filled with stolen memories, the Bonelord intended to exploit the captured memories, seeking to manipulate and corrupt them for his own dark agenda.

                    They encountered a room adorned with symbols. It was here that the Bonelord had devised a test of wit and perception.

                    Within the chamber, locked doors blocked their path, and riddles echoed through the air. The party’s minds spun with confusion. Until Eventholder’s keen eye caught a glimmer of recognition. Drawing upon his years of capturing moments, Eventholder realized that the answer lay not in conventional thinking but in his unique photographic perspective. He examined the symbols, piecing together a mental image of the scene.
                    Capturing the interplay of light and shadow, and the patterns within the symbols, a mental image developed, it revealed the key to the door.

                    Armed with the knowledge, the party faced off against the Bonelord. As spells clashed and the air crackled with magic, Eventholder’s ability in an instant granted him an advantage. He observed the Bonelord’s patterns, anticipating its movements, and timed his actions perfectly to outmaneuver the corrupted creature.

                    Eventholder snapped a photograph using a blank memory crystal that encapsulated the essence of the Bonelord’s defeat. The image froze the moment of triumph, capturing the defeat and redemption of the once-influenced Bonelord.


                    Sorry for the lack of information and development, but it’s hard with a 300 words limit.

                    Hope you like it.

                    King Alphyyna
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                      Name: King Alphyyna
                      Server: Zenobra
                      Title: The Enchanted Capture: Epic Odyssey for the Lost Memory Box

                      In the realm of Tibia, Eventholder, a mischievous and talented photographer, sets out on a daring mission after his prized camera, the Memory Box, is stolen. With unwavering determination, he enters the perilous dungeons of Darkhollow, overcoming fire-breathing dragons, cunning traps, and sneaky goblins. Deep within Darkhollow, Eventholder discovers Sparkle, a shape-shifting pixie, who becomes his mischievous and magical ally.

                      In the bustling city of Silverhaven, Eventholder unravels a web of intrigue surrounding his stolen camera. He encounters Madame Mystica, an enigmatic fortune teller, who provides a cryptic clue leading him to an art gallery. There, he discovers the mastermind behind the theft, Reginald Rascal, and his gang of criminals.

                      Eventholder, with Sparkle by his side, assembles a diverse team including a bumbling locksmith, a witty acrobat, and a wise mage. Together, they devise a plan to outwit Reginald and his gang. In a suspenseful showdown at the art gallery, they navigate security lasers and guards, with the locksmith’s accidental blunders adding comical moments.

                      With skill and precision, Eventholder reclaims his stolen Memory Box, achieving a triumphant victory. He bids farewell to his newfound allies, knowing that their partnership has not only restored his camera but also formed lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.

                      News of Eventholder’s adventure spreads throughout Tibia, becoming a legendary tale of determination, unexpected alliances, and the magic found in every thrilling quest. His name echoes in the winds, inspiring aspiring heroes to embark on their own adventures, embracing challenges and seeking treasures, both tangible and intangible. In Tibia, where laughter, surprises, and excitement abound, each adventure holds the promise of greatness and the creation of cherished memories.

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                      Outlaw Mike
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                        Name: Outlaw Mike
                        Server: Antica
                        Title: The art of hope

                        Within the fruitful woods of Ab’dendriel, a kind, renowned Elf woman, Even’tholder, possessed an extraordinary talent for capturing the world’s beauty through her camera, the Memory Box. Her captivating photographs depicted the essence of Tibia’s inhabitants, weaving stories through each “click”.

                        Tragedy struck when Even’tholder’s beloved camera was stolen by an unknown thief. Determined to recover her trasured possession, she embarked on a perilous journey that led her deep beneath Ab’dendriel to the sinister undercity of Demona.

                        In the depths of this unholy place, Even’tholder uncovered the shocking truth–the thief was a young man named Aiden. Driven by a desire to save Tibia from his Warlock father’s destructive plans, he believed that Even’tholder’s photographs could sway his father’s mind.

                        Confronting Aiden, she revealed the impact of her stolen camera on her art and lives that it touched. Citizens from all over the continent were saddened by the news. Aiden, realizing the error of his ways, returned the Memory Box, understanding that true beauty could never be achieved through theft. “I just…– wish he could see the world the way you see it.” he said.

                        United by their shared vision, Even’tholder and Aiden embarked on a collaborative journey. They captured Tibia’s wonders, from the dry deserts of Darashia to the evercold snowstorms of Svargrond. Spreading their art and bridging the divide between the realms of Warlock and Elf.

                        Once again, the Memory Box showcased the enchantment and resilience of Tibia. Even’tholder and Aiden’s tale served as a beacon of hope, reminding all that compassion and art could illuminate even the darkest corners of the world.

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                          Dear participants,
                          Please make sure your submission follows all the rules.

                          One of them is: • The storyline must consist of a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 300 words.

                          Check all the info on the contest page to guarantee your participation is valid.


                          Dhes Halaman
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                            Name: Dhes Halaman
                            Server: Antica
                            Title: Retrieve the device

                            In the city of Tibia, Eventholder, a lover of art and magic, faced a situation when his Memory Box was stolen. Eventholder gathered his friends Frodo, Sam, and Buddel, to retrieve the device. Their journey led them to the dungeon, where they were confronted against orcs and rotworms.As they ventured deeper, Eventholder’s friends disappeared, but he pressed on to recover the Memory Box. Eventholder realized that the box held a greater significance beyond mere memories—it played a crucial role in Tibia’s protective spell, understood that his mission was not just about retrieving the device but also restoring balance of Tibia. Approaching the thief’s hiding place, Eventholder sensed powerful magic behind the doors and knew that the stakes had been raised. The doors opened to reveal the thief, who had absorbed the device’s power and captured Eventholder. However, Buddel, who had been delayed due to lacking a Dwarven Ring, seized a moment of distraction and reclaimed the device, causing its power to vanish. Buddel bravely imprisoned the thief and freed Eventholder. Returning to the city with the captured thief, Eventholder and Buddel faced challenges navigating their way back due to Buddel’s mistakes. Finally reaching Thais,they handed the thief to King for justice. Surprisingly, an anonymous vote among the Tibians resulted in the thief’s release and pardon by the King, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Meanwhile, according to Buddel’s story, Frodo stole the dwarven ring and went to the volcano Goroma with the intention of destroying it to rid the world of evil. Sam encountered a horde of orcs, and their fate remained uncertain. Eventholder recovered his treasured Memory Box, but many questions lingered.

                            The fate of the thief, King Tibianus’s involvement in the theft, Sam’s future, and Frodo’s success in
                            destroying the ring remained unanswered.

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                              Name: Libi

                              Server: Lobera

                              Title: Dragon’s Treasure Room


                              Today is the day Eventholder has been dreading. Story time at the Magical Library. Sitting in a comfy chair, Eventholder motioned for the children to settle down.

                              “Young magicians, let me tell you a story about the time I lost my beloved memory box.”

                              “The first time I visited this city, I wanted to photograph the town and its people. I stayed with my friend, Jerom. While photographing the castle, I noticed smoke in the direction of Jerom’s house. By the time I arrived, his house was almost gone.

                              “I foolishly placed my memory box on a nearby stump. While digging through the rubble I almost did not notice a dragon swoop down and grab my memory box and flew off! I ran until I was out of breath, fortunately I need not go far. I could see in the distance the dragon made its way into a cave.

                              “Knowing I needed help getting my memory box back, I visited the Magic Academy and asked Master Zoltan for help. He was willing to help as long as I was willing to return the favor someday.

                              “Together we traveled to the dragon’s lair. With the spell ‘Utana Vid’ we walked into the heart of the lair undetected. We found piles of gold and my memory box! Master Zoltan gave a hearty laugh and transported all the gold into a secret chamber. My memory box was safe and we returned to the city without issue.”

                              “But what happened with that favor you owe Master Zoltan?” A young wizard asked. “Oh! Dear child, why do you think I am here?!” Eventholder laughed!

                              The children spent the rest of the day playing dragons, trying to steal Eventholder’s memory box. Little do they know, Zoltan charmed the item to always return to Eventholder.

                              Evandro da Roberta
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                                Name: Evandro da Roberta

                                Server: Nefera

                                Title: Armenius, is that your face?


                                Eventholder strolled the streets of Yalahar, capturing each moment with his memory box. Weary, he sought solace in a tavern, ordering a drink. As he sipped, he retrieved his camera, reviewing each photo with whispered awe at their splendid quality. Suddenly, a finely dressed man, likely of noble birth, sat beside him, intrigued by the device resembling a photographic camera. The Eventholder proudly displayed his captures, narrating the wonders of each image and the fantastic creatures they portrayed. Unbeknownst to him, the tavern owner, Armenius, harbored sinister intentions. Concealing his vampiric nature beneath a polished facade, Armenius plotted to pilfer the camera in hopes of capturing his own reflection, a feat he had never achieved.

                                As their conversation dwindled late into the night, Armenius offered the Eventholder a room for respite. Upon entering, the Eventholder placed the memory box on the table and succumbed to deep slumber. Minutes later, Armenius transformed into a bat, slipped through the window, seized the camera, and flew swiftly back to his tavern.

                                Soon after, a knock on the door roused the Eventholder. It was Julius, the vampire hunter, who barged in, claiming to have witnessed a bat departing his room carrying a mysterious object. Panic-stricken, the Eventholder scanned the table, confirming the camera’s absence. Urging him to follow, Julius suspected the identity of the thief and the camera’s whereabouts.

                                Arriving at the tavern, the Eventholder found Armenius seething with fury over the discovered photo. To Armenius’s astonishment, Julius entered, invoking a spell known as “Alori Mort,” causing the vampire to vanish, leaving behind the memory box. The Eventholder reclaimed his camera, eager to uncover the source of Armenius’s ire. The photo revealed the shocking truth: behind the facade of beauty, Armenius was a grotesque creature, belying his deceptive appearance.


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                                  Name: Hymura

                                  Server: Lobera

                                  Title: Shadowthorn Thief and The Missing Memory Box

                                  It was late in the night when the sound of glass breaking woke Eventholder. Startled, he ran to see what had happened. Upon entering the entrance of his home he noticed a window had been broken.

                                  Missing from the room was a few small artifacts and his precious camera, the memory box. While in shock, Eventholder contacted the Venorean guards who were stationed around the city.

                                  No one had seen anything. Eventholder remembered hearing reports of a goblin trader who lived east of town. Apparently he had been seen making deals with Black Bert on the black market.

                                  The next morning, Eventholder went to visit the goblin. To his dismay, the goblin informed him that an elf named Mornenion had visited him in the early hours trying to sell an old camera. Neither could agree on a price, so Mornenion went on his way.

                                  Following the directions of the goblin trader, Eventholder made his way to Shadowthorn, an Elvish encampment. Unfortunately Eventholder was not granted access to Shadowthorn. While he was trying to figure out a plan to retrieve his camera he noticed a slug tunnel that appeared to go under Shadowthorn.

                                  Crawling through the muddy tunnel, Eventholder found himself in a hut inside of Shadowthorn. He needed a distraction to allow himself time to find his camera. Eventholder wanted to set off a small fire to cause a lot of smoke. Setting the small fire, Eventholder searched and found his camera hidden in an abandoned hut south in the encampment. After leaving through the slug tunnel and heading back to his home, Eventholder was unaware he had started the Shadowthorn fires that will burn for years to come.

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