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    Umbra mckeening
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      Dear TibiaEvents users,

      Welcome back!

      All entries must be posted in this topic.
      Make sure to follow all the rules for this contest.

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        What an amazing party, Eventholder really knows his stuff!
        He invited many people, including Sir Valorcrest, The Queen Of The Banshees, Blinky, Yaga the Crone, Mutated Pumpkin and many, many more!

        But what is this? The photographer is calling everyone for a group photo!
        Hey! Don’t forget that the Eventholder is the main character here!!!
        Stop pushing each other, everyone will be in the photo!

        Loqhakk Antica

        Materials used:
        • black pen
        • pencils
        • crayons

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        Dragons Fenix Zi
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          Citzens of Carlin, beware! There are something strange happening in the cemitery of the city!

          Run while you can! There is a monster reunion at Carlin’s cemitery! It looks like a… a… halloween party?!


          Hello! Here is my entry for the contest!

          Eventholder is hosting a halloween party in Carlin’s cemitery! It is a monster party (but don’t tell out little brotherhood guy, he is kinda lost, but, somehow, enjoying it) so we have here: witch, mummy, vampire, ghost, a drunk werewolf, oh my oh my take it easy big guy, the mutated pumpkin, a sneak giant spider, ghoul, a skeleton shaking off it bones, a demon skeleton… uhh.. in love, oh my… thats cute… uhh.. yeah… And many other guest! They all are having lots of fun (can’t say the same for the lady running away tho… but the banshee for sure is having the time of her life) and Eventoholder is very pleased seeing all of his friends enjoying it! He takes the witch’s broom and fly up high to yell “happy halloween” to everyone nearby! Happy halloween to you too, Eventholder! Now go and have some fun with your friends too! Enjoy!


          Character: Dragons Fenix Zi / World: Calmera


          Lady Shinaa
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            A short description:
            The main slogan of the Halloween party is “Terror Dancing”.
            A crazy party full of dancing until the last breath.

            Materials used: crayons and pencils

            Character name: Lady Shinaa
            Server: Thyria

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              Character: Libi

              World: Lobera

              Title: Start of a Party

              In this drawing you can see Eventholder sporting a disguise with his camera hidden behind his back. A “vampire” slime and a “mummy” rotworm waiting at the ghostly table.

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                I am Makadamia, from Bona, and here is my entry 🙂

                How about an outdoor Halloween party? Don’t be afraid of the Witch! Although she looks scary, she will serve you delicious drinks she prepared herself. The Mummy will lighten the atmosphere with a somewhat stiff, but funny dance. Ghost has fun with us, doing flips in the air and wailing favorite songs! The Mutant Pumpkin also jumps to the rhythm, scattering yummy gummy worms and toy spiders around.  The party is also visited by Bonelo… Oh no! It’s the Eventholder himself! What a disguise! In this costume, he is definitely the star of the evening. Let’s celebrate Halloween together with TibiaEvents!

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                  Eventholder decided to have his Halloween party but he had a big problem: As he knows almost everyone because his greats adventures, his house was not big enough to accommodate so many guests for his party. With that in mind, he decided to throw the biggest party that ever existed: a party in the entire city of Thais! While thinking about a macabre and scary decoration that could be placed throughout all the city, he thought: Wait, why create a scary Thais if there already exists one like that…?
                  And so, the scary Dark Thais opened its doors to visitors during the big Halloween night. The party featured the traditional game of going from house to house asking for trick-or-treating, as well as costumes and drinks and foods! Of course, a party of this size was attended by King Tibianus (which was personally transported by the Eventholder’s mount in his Halloween Pumpkin carriage) who innovated his costume by dressing up as the feared Ferumbras and, of course, he brought his best friend, Noodles, with him to this great party (we just hope he doesn’t get lost there :p).

                  About the drawing: I used the tibia’s famous 7.0 background as inspiration, but this time with elements from Nightmare Mirrored in the background, along with some typical Halloween elements. I also added some personal elements of the mascot (since it’s his party) like his Hellhound mount (who was dressed as a Greedbeast). Eventholder was dressed as Soul Sphere and Noodles as Weak Soul.

                  It was a really fun contest! I hope you like it!

                  Character: Griggi
                  World: Belobra

                  Umbra mckeening
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                    Thank you all for participating!

                    if your entry follows the rules they will be approved!

                    so keep an eye on the site! 🙂

                    Also, the voting may take up to one week we cannot guarantee it will be a week! It depends on how fast everyone is.

                    Thank you once again!

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