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    Shiryu Supremo
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      Good morning, afternoon or night wherever you are. This question is for staff/comunnity

      I have a doubt, in general, In how post are chosen winners, but now notice every time we make a post in the forum, below our name appears a number of the posts we made and below it the word ‘points’, how do those points increase? or in case of a contest another member of the page can vote for us or only staff members? I would like to have a short explained answer to understand please.

      Yours faithfully,

      Shiryu Supremo

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        Good day Shiryu! Those points are how active you are on the forum. Each time you log in daily you’ll recieve a 5 point. At the moment those points arent for anything but we’ll create a “shop” to use them on!  It has no really effect on contest you enter! 🙂

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