June 22, 2024

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    Happy 10th Anniversary Tibia Events!

    Name: Psykeeh

    World: Havera

    Photos (creating process)
    I wanted to create a cake that would have little things that marked Tibia Events, the art around it symbolizes the first anniversary of the fansite, the Memory Box, the Eventholder and even ballons (hydra, color ballons and even the number 10 marking the 10th birthday). Besides that I found an art of the logo from years ago which I added to the wall.


    Photo (finished craft)




    Happy 10th Anniversary ! 
    I’ve been playing tibia for more than 15 years, and I remember like it was yesterday when I meet Ely on my server, we used to explore test servers and have the most crazy adventures, because of her I met this great fansite and that made me participated on my first Contest (creating a mascot, I must say I still got the picture and wow how I evolved), I just thought back then how much fun I had and how much I wanted to learn and participate, so because of that Thank You! It was not just about the Events I remember you could join groups, and Portuguese people was hard to come by, because of the TibiaEvents groups I met a lot of good people *PortugalGroup*.
    Well organized and full of ideas every single contest makes you want more and more and after a while you just want it for the experience, to be part and not just because of an Item for me it became an escape something to create and enjoy my free time.
    To this great team congratulations on the 10th anniversary and I cant wait to be around for 10 more. To Ely thank you for being you and for years ago to invite me to check the fansite. To Umbra Mckeening thank you for all the adventures, contests and the growth that made most of us player enjoy your EVENTS!

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