April 15, 2024

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Dragons Fenix Zi
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    Citzens of Carlin, beware! There are something strange happening in the cemitery of the city!

    Run while you can! There is a monster reunion at Carlin’s cemitery! It looks like a… a… halloween party?!


    Hello! Here is my entry for the contest!

    Eventholder is hosting a halloween party in Carlin’s cemitery! It is a monster party (but don’t tell out little brotherhood guy, he is kinda lost, but, somehow, enjoying it) so we have here: witch, mummy, vampire, ghost, a drunk werewolf, oh my oh my take it easy big guy, the mutated pumpkin, a sneak giant spider, ghoul, a skeleton shaking off it bones, a demon skeleton… uhh.. in love, oh my… thats cute… uhh.. yeah… And many other guest! They all are having lots of fun (can’t say the same for the lady running away tho… but the banshee for sure is having the time of her life) and Eventoholder is very pleased seeing all of his friends enjoying it! He takes the witch’s broom and fly up high to yell “happy halloween” to everyone nearby! Happy halloween to you too, Eventholder! Now go and have some fun with your friends too! Enjoy!


    Character: Dragons Fenix Zi / World: Calmera


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