July 15, 2024

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Almighty Slash
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    Character: Almighty Slash
    World: Nevia

    Video Description:
    In a land filled with mysteries and challenges, Almighty Slash, along with his loyal friends, embarks on an epic quest to rescue their captured comrade, Drammus. After two grueling days, they arrive at a formidable fortress, ruled by the fearsome The Orc King. Amid fierce battles and unimaginable adversities, the group’s determination is put to the test. At the climax of the showdown, when all seemed lost, Drammus, chained and imprisoned, invokes the ancestral powers of the druids, turning the tide in favor of his allies. The journey, filled with adventures, teaches everyone the invaluable worth of friendship and that the true treasure in the most epic adventures is the company of those we call friends.

    Vídeo Link(YouTube): https://youtu.be/0HxQkz56mhk

    Personal comment:
    I loved taking part in the contest, I put a lot of time into editing, especially the city of Thais, where I had to make several prints and then put the images together. I managed to do some animations on the characters, such as their mouths moving, the Thais guards hitting the ground with their spears when they say ‘Hail King’, and of course the custom dialog box with the Tibia theme. All the audio, music and even the Tibia sounds have been added in the edit. I hope you enjoy it.

    Photo from the Adobe Premiere timeline:

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