July 15, 2024

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    My Tibia Journey has begun in 2007. I had a druid, level 55 with 60 magic level, which was quite impressive back in days. I came back for a year in 2015, then again had a break for 6 years and logged in January 2022. At first I started grinding some levels, but after bosstiary was implemented, I started grinding Boss Points. After collecting almost 6 000 BP in 2 months, I missclicked GFB on nemezis raid. I was put on hunted list because I didn’t have enough cash to pay. Since half a year I’m only chatting with my guys and participating in Fansites’ Contests, which I really enjoy (even tho I had 2 left hands for arts classes).


    My main char is Fanjita, but if I manage to win any prize I would like to receive it on Fanji, Antica.



    Try watching in HD for better experiences!


    Hope you enjoy my work!

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