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Anne Fearless
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    Name: Anne Fearless
    Server: Seanera
    Title: The lament


    A lament ran through his body and Eventholder thought about the actions that had led him to this moment. He sighed in pain, between his paws he had his broken Memory Box. He wondered if his mission to capture the happy memories had all been in vain…

    Eventholder glared at the man in front of him. He had led him to this horrible fate.

    “I’m sorry…”. Said the man.

    “Are you serious?, you stole what I loved the most. That’s why we are here, captured by the demons of Kha’zeel, about to suffer a horrible death!”

    “If we are gonna die at least I had to apologize. I didn’t steal your camera out of malice, let me explain…”

    “Explain what?”

    “My name is Tarun, let me tell you the story of my lost brother.”



    “You lost your brother… here? And I had taken a picture of him?”

    “It wasn’t the big photo, he was in the background. Please, understand me. Losing him was like having a part of my soul ripped out. Now all the bits of him interest me… But… I admit I was wrong… My brother is dead, but you had a wonderful life. I should die, not you.”

    “NO!” Eventholder yelled remorsefully. “I was wrong. I thought that my memories depended on my camera, but it is not like that…”

    Tarun smiled at him, “we are fools, aren’t we?…”

    Eventholder smiled back… “At least I’ll be leaving with a new friend.”

    Strong footsteps getting closer… the door creaked with an infernal sound…

    “I will never regret this journey…”

    “I’ll meet my brother again…”

    The darkness, the silence… the light.


    “Are you ok?” a snake-woman appeared… “I am a naga. As long as I’m here, those monsters won’t have dinner.”


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