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    Name: Psykeeh
    Server: Havera
    Title: ˗ˏˋ ♡  It is always love’s fault!  ♡ ˎˊ˗

    “A thief attacked Thais Museum and stole Eventholder’s Memory Box! Help and get rewarded”, yeld Towncryer in Thais.

    In a few minutes, the boat was covered with people that wanted to help (or just get rewards)

    Cillia, who has worked in the Museum for many years, mentioned that the thief left a clue: lots of sand.

    Many brave warriors were looking for details, including a Mage that had a Squirrel as her best friend. “Why sand? “Why a ring?”, was the girl muttered softly.

    While walking to the Museum they came across Eleonore getting off the boat, then she noticed that Elenore’s dress and shoes were covered with sand.

    “Wait, we just arrived, how is she dirty?”, said the Mage.

    “Liberty Bay’s beach, maybe she got dirty there”, commented the squirrel.

    When they arrived at the Museum, Eleonore stood out from the crowd, she looked way too nervous while talking to her dad, Percy Silverhand, the governor of LB and King’s representative.

    “She is not using her ring; she never takes it off since Raymond Strike left her. Let’s follow her after here!”.

    They followed Eleonore and her dad, they went to Liberty Bay beach. And behind the tree, they heard the conversation.

    “Here it is. I am so sorry Dad, I was missing him so much, I needed to see our old pictures”, cried Eleonore.

    “I know sweet pie, don’t worry, I will make sure the Memory Box is back in the morning”.

    The Mage and her little friend left when got the opportunity and explained the situation to Eventholder, who wisely said “I got my Memory Box back and she got her memories back too. It is all good, I still will reward you.”

    Both friends walked away and exclaimed at the same time “Always love’s fault”.

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