May 29, 2024

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    Name: Bomdrax
    Server: Yonabra
    Title: A Burning Prank

    It was another ordinary day in Thais. Eventholder wakes up from his sleep and prepares for another day of adventures when, to his surprise, he finds his Memory Box gone!

    In the place where she was, Eventholder finds a playing card with a joker, and a message: “If you want it back, you will have to feel the heat of the focus”.

    What would that be? A kidnapping? A revenge? There were many unanswered questions, and Eventholder only thought about getting his camera back.

    He left in search of answers. In the street of Thais he found Aruda. He tried to talk to her, but all he got was his coins stolen.

    He then decided to go to the King. Eventholder told what happened. The King said that Bozo was gone, and returned to the castle with a picture of Rookgaard and smelling of smoke, all the while laughing nonstop.

    He then remembered the joker card with the riddle “If you want it back, you’ll have to feel the heat of focus”. What would that focus be? Of course, a bright spot!

    Eventholder then started to put the pieces together. Bozo with a photo; a joker card with the riddle; smell of smoke. Where could this all fit in?

    Of course, at the Thais lighthouse!!!

    Eventholder ran to the lighthouse, climbed the stairs and, to his happiness, found the Memory Box. Intact!!!

    He then went to talk to Bozo to find out why he had done that. He then said:

    “I just wanted a picture of Rookgaard. And there’s a great view there. And what better than a prank to top it off HAHAHAAH”

    Although enraged, Eventholder was happy to retrieve his camera. And now you can re-record the incredible adventures!

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