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    Name: Rencik

    World: Nefera

    Title: The inmortal memories and the gods’ wrath.


    In Thais, during a very important festival, Kingsday, all the city dwellers celebrated Tibianus’ majesty. Garlands and tablecloths decorated the city. Eventholder, of course, received an invitation from the house of King Tibianus, which he accepted and went to enjoy the event. Multiple memories in the form of photographs were captured by his valuable Memory Box.

    In the knights’ arena, all the Thaians enjoyed the fights with a lot of merriment. Eventholder was happily taking photos of the battles, when suddenly a mysterious man wearing a skull-shaped mask slipped out of the crowd. Swift as the wind and flexible as a cat, he managed to leap and snatch the Memory Box from Eventholder.

    Our hero shouted out loud: “Stop him, a thief!” while putting on his Boots of Haste to start chasing him. In the midst of shouting, the thief hopped through the arena, breaking everything in his path. Eventholder kept pace, and as he ran, Gregor threw a rapier at him, which Eventholder caught with a bold wave of his hand.

    Leaping over chairs and across stairs, the thief slid off the bridge onto the arena. Bravely, Eventholder jumped in as well, and the thief drew his sword. They fought hard with show-stopping prowess, until Eventholder was able to disarm him and aimed his rapier at his neck. With a movement of the sword, he broke the thief’s mask, revealing that it was none other than Quentin, the calm priest of the temple of Thais.

    The guards interrogated him. The whole city was stunned that their priest turned out to be a thief. However, the king forgave him. He only wanted to prevent the impure acts that happened that day from being immortalized in the Memory Box, which could have caused the gods’ wrath against the city.

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