April 15, 2024

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    Name: Skyk

    Server: Olima

    Title: The Redemption of the Lost Island

    Eventholder was participating in an expedition conducted by Captain Charles, to show the beauties of the wild island of Port Hope. Obviously our explorer had his ‘Memory Box’ with him to record every moment of this amazing expedition.

    The ship’s crew sighted an unknown island, mentioned only in tavern rumors and popularly known as the ‘Lost Island’. Fearful, the Captain decided to return the ship to Port Hope, but Eventholder noticed his Memory Box was missing. Preparing to set sail, he spotted on the island’s beach his former partner, Traitorous, driven by envy and greed, with the Memory Box in hand.

    The island was infested with monsters, but to Eventholder’s surprise, these creatures had a strange sense of humor, requiring the solving of riddles and jokes to proceed. In a challenge, a troll would only allow passage if it laughed at Eventholder’s jokes. In desperation, he tickled the troll, which laughed, allowing him passage.

    At the heart of the island sheltered a phoenix. As he confronted it, Eventholder realized that this was not a physical battle, but a moral one. The phoenix represented his past, his failures, and his desire for revenge against Traitorous. He understood that the real battle was with himself.

    In a profound revelation, Eventholder decided to forgive Traitorous, believing that redemption comes from understanding and the ability to change. As she broke free of her desire for revenge, the phoenix also broke free, transforming into a spectacular image in her Memory Box.

    Finally, Eventholder, with his camera in hand and a healed heart, returned triumphant. The images captured, besides being beautiful, were a constant reminder that the real treasure is not the moments recorded, but the lessons learned. And, of course, never forget to laugh, even if it is at a troll’s joke.

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