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Hydan Aymon
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    Character: Hydan Aymon

    World: Nefera

    Title: The Spirit Thief


    The clock marked noon, when Eventholder saw in the forest of Tiquanda something that he expected to be the city of Banuta, a place he had been trying to photograph for some time, but he was approached by a group of small natives of greenish color, who inhabited a isolated primitive tribe in the forest.

    Eventholder was taken to the leader of the creatures, a shaman, who took all of his belongings, including his beloved camera. The leader immediately expelled him from the tribe. Eventholder returned to the Explorer Society headquarters in Port Hope and told Angus what had happened, he said that people have been trying to interact with that tribe for a long time, but by all indications they are a very primitive and superstitious people.

    It was then that Eventholder had an idea that could kill two birds with one stone. He waited for nightfall and left for the tribe. When he arrived, he sneaked into the shaman’s tent. Eventholder entered the tent, located his camera on a pile of other objects taken from adventurers and hurried to take a picture of the shaman, who jumped out of his bed, awakened by the equipment’s flash.

    The shaman threatened to speak, but was interrupted by Eventholder who said:

    “Silence! I, the great God of spirits have come to punish you for your disrespect.”

    At that moment, Eventholder showed the photograph to the shaman, who, astonished, began to beg for his spirit trapped in the small object. Eventholder said:

    “I forgave you on the condition that you guide me to the city of Banuta”

    The shaman agreed, Eventholder tore up the photo and the next day both headed towards Banuta, the shaman happy to have regained his spirit and Eventholder trying to contain his laughter.

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