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Achievement Sarkmor
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    Name: Achievement Sarkmor
    World: Libertabra

    Title: Showdown at the Shutter: Eventholder vs. The Bank Robbery Gang


    A dastardly gang set their sights on Eventholder’s beloved camera. This infamous crew consisted of Jesse the Wicked, Mornenion, Robby the Reckless, and the conniving mastermind, Elvira Hammerthrust. Their audacious plan? To steal the camera, convinced it held the key to unlocking the legendary Kazordoon Vault.

    The saga began when Eventholder found himself unwittingly caught in a trap set by Elvira Hammerthrust. She had long nurtured deep-seated envy towards Emperor Kruzak after their bitter breakup, believing that the Memory Box contained the secret to the vault’s impenetrable defenses. With a cunning scheme, she lured Eventholder into a decoy photo shoot, distracting him while the rest of the gang made their move.

    Unbeknownst to Eventholder, the camera he cherished held a mysterious key hidden within its intricate lens mechanism—a secret he had unknowingly stumbled upon during his travels. It was this key that Elvira and her gang believed would unlock the coveted Kazordoon Vault and grant them unimaginable riches.

    As Eventholder discovered the theft, he vowed to retrieve his precious Memory Box and bring the gang of thieves to justice.

    Eventholder’s journey took him across perilous landscapes. He encountered Robby the Reckless’s traps, Jesse the Wicked’s minions, and Mornenion’s illusions. Finally, Eventholder confronted the entire gang together, led by Elvira herself. After defeating them and recovering the camera, with a burst of laughter and an unexpected twist, the stolen key was revealed to be nothing more than a cleverly disguised prop, leaving the gang in dismay.

    As the dust settled, Eventholder emerged victorious, his laughter echoing triumphantly through the realm of Tibia. The stolen Memory Box was returned to its rightful owner, and Elvira Hammerthrust and her gang were apprehended, their dreams of vault conquest shattered.

    Now Eventholder can work in peace once again.

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