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    Name: Almighty Slash
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    Title: Stolen Love Memories

    During a Tibian summer, Eventholder was reveling on the stunning beaches of Liberty Bay. In a laid-back bar, his gaze met that of Aurora, a lady of dazzling beauty. An overwhelming passion quickly blossomed between them.

    Love was in the air, and Eventholder shared with Aurora his adventures, all recorded with his Memory Box. As the end of summer approached, he made a decision:
    “Aurora, come with me to Thais. I want to marry you!” Aurora, radiant, accepted without hesitation.

    Once in Thais, they scheduled the wedding for the next day with Lynda, the priestess. Eventholder began the preparations with a heartbeat of joy. At the dawn of the celebration, Eventholder woke up excited, but neither Aurora nor the Memory Box were by his side.

    Desperate, Eventholder scoured Thais. His desperation intensified upon coming across a ‘wanted poster’ featuring Aurora – ‘a thief who uses seduction to steal riches.’

    Overcome with anguish, he turned to the King’s guards. The city mobilized, spurred by the reward. And it was at the bottom of the Thais ship’s deck that Aurora was found, cornered next to the Memory Box.

    Brought before the King, Aurora was judged. However, instead of a prison sentence, she surprised everyone by revealing valuable information about a conspiracy against the kingdom. Grateful, the King decided to forgive her.

    Eventholder, his heart shattered, awaited Aurora’s exit from the castle. Aurora, approaching, murmured with a choked voice:
    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I truly love you, I was forced to do this.”

    Eventholder felt a mix of relief and sadness as he saw her disappear into the crowd. Even with his heart shattered, he decided to embark on a new adventure once more, this time seeking the truth about his love.

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