May 29, 2024

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    Name: Hassbiy

    Server: Gravitera

    Title: Eventholder’s kings day


    It was kings day and Thais was ready for the celebration,

    Event holder had a mission,

    to please the people with really good pictures.


    The moment he woke up he notice that something was missing,

    His memory box dissapeared when he was sleeping


    He was so worried because King Tibianus was counting with his services,

    He never thought that this adventure was going to became one of the craziest memories


    He started by reporting the robbery to the city guards, they told him that actually they spotted a strange man


    He had a long beard and took a boat earlier to Edron,

    Event holder traveled there and notice the streets full of terror


    He walked to the ivory towers and Zoltan gave him a permission,

    In liberty bay boat was Captain Max waiting for him to sail to the next mission

    Goroma was the island and it looked suspicious


    The old man had his house in this strange place

    To get to him Event holder had to fight with demonic creatures face to face

    But for his surprise they didn’t attack him because he wasn’t human race


    Finally he found his beloved camera,

    It was hanging on Ferumbras neck,

    The old man wanted a picture of his daughter Fortinbrae

    Event holder hug him and told him not to worry

    Of an old picture of her he had a copy


    Ferumbras accepted the photo and gave the memory box back,

    Event holder rapidly run to do his work in Thais castle very fast!

    But he will never forget that Ferumbras actually has a good heart ❤️


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