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    Name : Pebblesz

    World: Lobera

    What in gods name??? .They stole my camera? What will I do now? I don’t want to lose all my pictures . I repeated in my head over and over, trying to understand how it happened. I knew I’d lost it during a trip to the City of Merchants.What a bad memory.

    Built in the sky, above a natural swamp, Venore was known to be a beautiful and adventurous city. I spent 3 days on a journey, wandering through Venore and staying at the local inns. Somewhere along my travels, my camera went missing.Thinking I had lost it, I back tracked to visit the same places and came to thinking that it was just stolen and began looking for clues.

    On the first day of my trip, I ventured to a campsite and found the home of amazons, valkyries, and witches.The potion cauldrons were a sight! I had never believed in magic or spells until then. My second destination was the Plains of Havoc and – oh my god – that was a dangerous place. Luckily, I am an experienced explorer. I would have otherwise become lost there. I went on my way and found myself in a sunken village… an uninhabited place where they used to imprison people.

    My last exploration was down in the caves, south of the city. Down here, I wandered past the horrors and chills of those disgusting rotworms and found a community of swamp trolls. Eventually the smell became overwhelming and I left the caves, running back to the gates of Venore and wound up in Irmana’s dress shop.

    It turns out that Irmana had my camera and she had used it to take a picture with the banker Ronckin. They both wanted to capture a moment which would depict their great friendship.

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