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    Name: Haydz

    Server: Thyria

    Title: Wander in Tiquanda


    Deep in Tiquanda young Eventholder went to wander.
    In search of his stolen goods, a hunter with a hood.
    Caught in the jungle, he was ready to rumble.
    Down a hole he fell and encountered a wretched a smell.
    The stench of death was all that what was left.
    The bodies were fresh and mummified with finesse.
    A weaving hiss of a giant spiders kiss, left these travellers laying meticulously in bliss.
    The piercing glow of his many eyed foe was lurking in the darkness of the cave, preparing for his grave.
    The pitter patter of their feet had event holder ready to retreat.
    Moving with Haste, “Utani Hur” he set pace.
    Then cornered into a wall, there was no more he could stall.
    To challenge and give his best, the Knight made “Exeta Res”
    Lo and behold he was in a spiders nest.
    For honour and for glory he showed them all his fury.
    Into a berserk rage he let off his grandest “Exori”
    By his foot there was a pod and with a bang it popped.
    The sparks of the swords had the giant spiders dazzled and shocked.
    Lying in the depths of this den, was Eventholders memory box!
    A spider gave birth to the box, right beside the rocks.
    The moment had been caught delivering his grandest onslaught.

    Through his trials he endeavoured, a tale to be remembered.
    Captured in a frame, the truth to his claim.

    A story to be told. Eventholder the brave and the bold.

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