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King Hoggel
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    Name : King Hoggel

    Server : Cadebra

    Title : Capturing memories: The old camera, the old backpack and the red skulls.

    Story :

    In the world of Tibia, Eventholder, an intrepid adventurer, longed to capture unseen images with his beloved Memory Box camera. His search for him led him to infiltrate an orcish stronghold in the city of Venore, where something unusual caught his eye. One orc in particular carried an old and worn backpack on his back, something totally strange and never seen before. Cautiously and stealthily, Eventholder managed to photograph it before withdrawing.

    Late at night, he met his friends in a tavern on the island of Liberty Bay. They all shared their exciting adventure stories, while Eventholder eagerly awaited his turn to show them the captured photograph. However, the atmosphere turned grim when several individuals dressed in black, with a red skull on their outfits, entered the tavern, behaving suspiciously.

    In an oversight of Eventholder, those mysterious individuals managed to snatch his backpack, along with his precious “Memory Box”. They began to utter strange spells, saying “UTANA VID”, and disappeared before the adventurer’s astonished eyes.

    Eventholder’s search for his camera began in the city of Thais, where the guards had heard rumors of people dressed in black with red skulls, who had lost a camera in the city of Roshamuul. According to the stories, giant mouth-shaped creatures had swallowed the camera.

    Desperate, Eventholder entered Roshamuul. He bravely faced the enemies with a red skull, while he was recovering, the monster with a giant mouth appeared, which was dying and with just a few spells, he managed to kill this creature.
    Eventually, Eventholder managed to retrieve the camera from him. With great joy, he showed his adventuring friends the photo of the orc, with the worn-out backpack strapped to his back. and Eventholder became the hero of the hour.

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