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Willdar of Hell
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    Name: Willdar of Hell

    Server: Nefera

    Title: Eternal life and a fair trade.


    It was a warm afternoon in Ab’Dendriel; the wind was blowing from the north, and the atmosphere of tranquility pervaded the region. Eventholder rested in the branches of a tree, tired of documenting the wonders of the city. Suddenly, a cloud of ash covered the sky, an earthquake began to strike, and in the center of Ab’Dendriel a great explosion rang out and a blaze of fire erupted towards the surface.

    Through the dark passages of Hellgate, the deceased dragons of Draconia had slipped, led by the Old Dragon, the only survivor of their race, who had used dark arts to bring his warriors back to life. His intention was simple: To steal an artifact that was said to stop time and store memories. The Old Dragon wanted it for himself; he felt his death drawing near and was resorting to desperate methods to stay alive.

    The elves rose to arms, and Eventholder did what he did best: he tried to capture the dire event of Ab’Dendriel’s taking on camera, completely unaware that they were coming for him, for his Memory Box. The Old Dragon sensed the presence of the artifact, and in the middle of the battle he managed to sneak away to snatch the camera from Eventholder and try to escape towards Draconia.

    With the help of Eroth and an elvenhair rope, Eventholder managed to capture the Dragon. The thief had hidden the camera in one of his hearts, and kept shouting that the artifact would give him eternal life. Dismayed, Eventholder repeated that it was only a camera, not a magical device, and that the Dragon’s magical senses were stunted by his long age.

    Eventholder convinced the Dragon to give it back with an offer he couldn’t refuse: he pulled a mushroom pie out of his bag.

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