July 15, 2024

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Lady Shinaa
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    Name: Lady Shinaa
    Server: Thyria
    Title: Catch me if you can!


    One cold December day,
    A famous photographer, Eventholder, traveled to Vega, and on his way…
    Something happened that he didn’t expect,
    The Grynch Clan Goblins have stolen his Memory Box, to which he was closely connect.
    He knew they were known for being mean and stealing,
    So he went for advice to Santa Claus, which made him reeling.
    Santa admitted he got used to goblins stealing presents from him,
    He added that they are very fast, which is why they are so slim.
    Eventholder wondered how to get his Memory Box back,
    He knew that he couldn’t handle it alone, because there were countless of them in their pack.
    Santa came up with an idea to unite all the players and ask them nicely,
    “They must catch each of them and give the loot to my helper Ruprecht,”, said concisely.
    “The lucky person who brings your Memory Box will receive a special prize!”
    Eventholder added, “And I will capture this player on my camera, which is probably nice.”
    The news spread at lightning speed,
    So the entire Tibian community set out to find the goblins to regain the stolen camera, and to get the reward that was guaranteed.
    After killing a lot of goblins, one player managed to find a camera by one of the thieves,
    And this way, a unique reward he receives.
    The lucky one was captured by the unique Memory Box,
    Only those present during this special moment know, that it was something rocks.
    The punishment that Eventholder imposed along with the greatest magicians was that,
    The goblins were slowed down enough, which made them unable to steal anything ever again, what does not make us sad.
    Therefore, the contents of this Box are the most important components,
    Because inside are stored all the thrilling moments!

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