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Michael Strangelove
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    Character name: Michael Strangelove
    World: Secura
    Title: Footsteps Chasing Fleeting Shadows

    Eventholder awoke, her camera missing from sight,
    A mischievous goblin from Grynch clan took flight.
    With a twinkle in his eye and a devious grin,
    He dared her to follow, a challenge to win.


    Through Carlin’s peaceful streets, she hurriedly ran,
    But that wily goblin, he had quite the plan.
    He darted and giggled, leaving her in pursuit,
    Eventholder determined, she couldn’t stay mute.


    To Kazordoon she ventured, with hope in her heart,
    Tracking the goblin, refusing to fall apart.
    But he scurried away, like a mischievous sprite,
    Leaving her breathless, yet still filled with fight.


    Thais, the grand city of Tibia’s fame,
    She thought she could corner him, put an end to his game.
    But that sneaky goblin, a master of tricks,
    Eluded her grasp, leaving her feeling mixed.


    Venore’s murky swamps, a treacherous maze,
    The goblin sought refuge, in their misty haze.
    Eventholder pressed on, through danger and fright,
    Determined to catch him, with all of her might.


    Edron’s tranquil isle, where magic was taught,
    She ventured forth, driven by a single thought.
    But the goblin led her astray, through shadows and gloom,
    Testing her spirit, her will to consume.


    Back to Rookgaard, her journey’s starting ground,
    She chased the goblin, her determination unbound.
    But with a twist and a turn, he vanished from sight,
    Leaving her stranded, engulfed in the night.


    But the goblin had a change of heart, you see,
    He realized his folly, setting Eventholder free.
    He returned her camera, with an apologetic smile,
    A truce between them, for a little while.


    For in the world of Tibiasula, even enemies can find,
    A bond of understanding, a moment so kind.
    Eventholder and the goblin, an unlikely pair,
    Shared laughter and stories, in a world so rare.

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