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    Name: Hymura

    Server: Lobera

    Title: Shadowthorn Thief and The Missing Memory Box

    It was late in the night when the sound of glass breaking woke Eventholder. Startled, he ran to see what had happened. Upon entering the entrance of his home he noticed a window had been broken.

    Missing from the room was a few small artifacts and his precious camera, the memory box. While in shock, Eventholder contacted the Venorean guards who were stationed around the city.

    No one had seen anything. Eventholder remembered hearing reports of a goblin trader who lived east of town. Apparently he had been seen making deals with Black Bert on the black market.

    The next morning, Eventholder went to visit the goblin. To his dismay, the goblin informed him that an elf named Mornenion had visited him in the early hours trying to sell an old camera. Neither could agree on a price, so Mornenion went on his way.

    Following the directions of the goblin trader, Eventholder made his way to Shadowthorn, an Elvish encampment. Unfortunately Eventholder was not granted access to Shadowthorn. While he was trying to figure out a plan to retrieve his camera he noticed a slug tunnel that appeared to go under Shadowthorn.

    Crawling through the muddy tunnel, Eventholder found himself in a hut inside of Shadowthorn. He needed a distraction to allow himself time to find his camera. Eventholder wanted to set off a small fire to cause a lot of smoke. Setting the small fire, Eventholder searched and found his camera hidden in an abandoned hut south in the encampment. After leaving through the slug tunnel and heading back to his home, Eventholder was unaware he had started the Shadowthorn fires that will burn for years to come.

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