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Evandro da Roberta
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    Name: Evandro da Roberta

    Server: Nefera

    Title: Armenius, is that your face?


    Eventholder strolled the streets of Yalahar, capturing each moment with his memory box. Weary, he sought solace in a tavern, ordering a drink. As he sipped, he retrieved his camera, reviewing each photo with whispered awe at their splendid quality. Suddenly, a finely dressed man, likely of noble birth, sat beside him, intrigued by the device resembling a photographic camera. The Eventholder proudly displayed his captures, narrating the wonders of each image and the fantastic creatures they portrayed. Unbeknownst to him, the tavern owner, Armenius, harbored sinister intentions. Concealing his vampiric nature beneath a polished facade, Armenius plotted to pilfer the camera in hopes of capturing his own reflection, a feat he had never achieved.

    As their conversation dwindled late into the night, Armenius offered the Eventholder a room for respite. Upon entering, the Eventholder placed the memory box on the table and succumbed to deep slumber. Minutes later, Armenius transformed into a bat, slipped through the window, seized the camera, and flew swiftly back to his tavern.

    Soon after, a knock on the door roused the Eventholder. It was Julius, the vampire hunter, who barged in, claiming to have witnessed a bat departing his room carrying a mysterious object. Panic-stricken, the Eventholder scanned the table, confirming the camera’s absence. Urging him to follow, Julius suspected the identity of the thief and the camera’s whereabouts.

    Arriving at the tavern, the Eventholder found Armenius seething with fury over the discovered photo. To Armenius’s astonishment, Julius entered, invoking a spell known as “Alori Mort,” causing the vampire to vanish, leaving behind the memory box. The Eventholder reclaimed his camera, eager to uncover the source of Armenius’s ire. The photo revealed the shocking truth: behind the facade of beauty, Armenius was a grotesque creature, belying his deceptive appearance.


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