February 24, 2024

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    Name: Libi

    Server: Lobera

    Title: Dragon’s Treasure Room


    Today is the day Eventholder has been dreading. Story time at the Magical Library. Sitting in a comfy chair, Eventholder motioned for the children to settle down.

    “Young magicians, let me tell you a story about the time I lost my beloved memory box.”

    “The first time I visited this city, I wanted to photograph the town and its people. I stayed with my friend, Jerom. While photographing the castle, I noticed smoke in the direction of Jerom’s house. By the time I arrived, his house was almost gone.

    “I foolishly placed my memory box on a nearby stump. While digging through the rubble I almost did not notice a dragon swoop down and grab my memory box and flew off! I ran until I was out of breath, fortunately I need not go far. I could see in the distance the dragon made its way into a cave.

    “Knowing I needed help getting my memory box back, I visited the Magic Academy and asked Master Zoltan for help. He was willing to help as long as I was willing to return the favor someday.

    “Together we traveled to the dragon’s lair. With the spell ‘Utana Vid’ we walked into the heart of the lair undetected. We found piles of gold and my memory box! Master Zoltan gave a hearty laugh and transported all the gold into a secret chamber. My memory box was safe and we returned to the city without issue.”

    “But what happened with that favor you owe Master Zoltan?” A young wizard asked. “Oh! Dear child, why do you think I am here?!” Eventholder laughed!

    The children spent the rest of the day playing dragons, trying to steal Eventholder’s memory box. Little do they know, Zoltan charmed the item to always return to Eventholder.

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