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Dhes Halaman
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    Name: Dhes Halaman
    Server: Antica
    Title: Retrieve the device

    In the city of Tibia, Eventholder, a lover of art and magic, faced a situation when his Memory Box was stolen. Eventholder gathered his friends Frodo, Sam, and Buddel, to retrieve the device. Their journey led them to the dungeon, where they were confronted against orcs and rotworms.As they ventured deeper, Eventholder’s friends disappeared, but he pressed on to recover the Memory Box. Eventholder realized that the box held a greater significance beyond mere memories—it played a crucial role in Tibia’s protective spell, understood that his mission was not just about retrieving the device but also restoring balance of Tibia. Approaching the thief’s hiding place, Eventholder sensed powerful magic behind the doors and knew that the stakes had been raised. The doors opened to reveal the thief, who had absorbed the device’s power and captured Eventholder. However, Buddel, who had been delayed due to lacking a Dwarven Ring, seized a moment of distraction and reclaimed the device, causing its power to vanish. Buddel bravely imprisoned the thief and freed Eventholder. Returning to the city with the captured thief, Eventholder and Buddel faced challenges navigating their way back due to Buddel’s mistakes. Finally reaching Thais,they handed the thief to King for justice. Surprisingly, an anonymous vote among the Tibians resulted in the thief’s release and pardon by the King, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Meanwhile, according to Buddel’s story, Frodo stole the dwarven ring and went to the volcano Goroma with the intention of destroying it to rid the world of evil. Sam encountered a horde of orcs, and their fate remained uncertain. Eventholder recovered his treasured Memory Box, but many questions lingered.

    The fate of the thief, King Tibianus’s involvement in the theft, Sam’s future, and Frodo’s success in
    destroying the ring remained unanswered.

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