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Dave Knightfall
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    Name: Dave Knightfall

    Server: Belobra

    Title: Photographic Sorcery


    Renowned photographer Eventholder’s memory box is stolen, prompting him to assemble a party comprising a sorcerer, druid, knight, and paladin. The party gathered to investigate the room where the camera was. As they examined, the sorcerer’s keen senses detected a lingering trace of dark magic, he founds an unsettling fusion of Bonelord sorcery and demonic energy. A clear indication, that a Bonelord, had succumbed to the temptations of demonic influence.

    Their investigation led them through dungeons with formidable creatures guarding the Bonelord’s lair.

    They discovered a hidden chamber filled with stolen memories, the Bonelord intended to exploit the captured memories, seeking to manipulate and corrupt them for his own dark agenda.

    They encountered a room adorned with symbols. It was here that the Bonelord had devised a test of wit and perception.

    Within the chamber, locked doors blocked their path, and riddles echoed through the air. The party’s minds spun with confusion. Until Eventholder’s keen eye caught a glimmer of recognition. Drawing upon his years of capturing moments, Eventholder realized that the answer lay not in conventional thinking but in his unique photographic perspective. He examined the symbols, piecing together a mental image of the scene.
    Capturing the interplay of light and shadow, and the patterns within the symbols, a mental image developed, it revealed the key to the door.

    Armed with the knowledge, the party faced off against the Bonelord. As spells clashed and the air crackled with magic, Eventholder’s ability in an instant granted him an advantage. He observed the Bonelord’s patterns, anticipating its movements, and timed his actions perfectly to outmaneuver the corrupted creature.

    Eventholder snapped a photograph using a blank memory crystal that encapsulated the essence of the Bonelord’s defeat. The image froze the moment of triumph, capturing the defeat and redemption of the once-influenced Bonelord.


    Sorry for the lack of information and development, but it’s hard with a 300 words limit.

    Hope you like it.

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