June 22, 2024

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    Name: Muriartti
    Server: Wintera
    Title: The Theft of the Memory Box
    Eventholder: Hail Queen Eloise, My name is Eventholder, My Memory box has been stolen… Will any of Your knights have any information?
    Queen Eloise: Greetings, noble Knight, According to my personal guard Barbara, Rumors have been heard that a magician is Stealing Valuable Items, he has also heard that there is some kind of market in the depths of my city.
    Eventholder: I understand My Queen, I’ll start with those places…
    Eventholder: Hello Innkeeper Could I have a Beer…
    Karl: Pshhht! Not so strong… welcome…
    Eventholder: what a great story about the beers and the queen, I’ve heard they sell goodies around here. Do you know anything about this?
    Karl:… A wizard named Zarabustor, he’s selling Stolen Items, but he can’t get it easily, you have to go deep into the Fields of Glory on the outskirts of the city.
    Eventholder: Thanks for the help.
    Eventholder: Now here in the Depths, after weeks of walking in an endless maze I have reached Demona, and have found a door leading to the Warlock Wizard Hideout.
    Eventholder: After entering and fighting fervently against many Wizards, Dragons, and arcane elf I have reached the final room, where the leader Zarabustor is located.
    Eventholder: Zarabustor Give me back my memory Box, I know you have it…
    Zarabustor: If you dare enter our Lair, you will die for this blasphemy.
    Eventholder: Our battle was fervent the Magician Zarabustor, I call his guards Djinn’s and Warlock’s, I had to use a magic wall, and attack him with the sudden deatch, Zarabustor ran I couldn’t believe it and abandoned his guards, which I easily defeated, then he became invisible and was healing, I chased him and got him at the end of the room behind a bookshelf, I defeated him and managed to retrieve my Mystery Box.

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