July 15, 2024

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    Name: Bruttosking

    Server: Honbra

    Title : Goblins with the Eventholder Camera

    Eventholder, a talented adventurer from Carlin, had his beloved camera, the Memory Box, stolen by mischievous goblins. Determined to retrieve it, he embarked on a quest through the dangerous lands of the kingdom.

    Following the clues, Eventholder arrived at a goblin village where he discovered that they were using the camera in a funny and unaware manner of its value. Instead of confronting them, Eventholder taught the goblins how to properly use the camera, creating happy moments and capturing memories.

    Grateful for Eventholder’s generosity, the goblins promised to help him find the true thieves. Together, they embarked on a pursuit filled with confusion until they caught up with the culprits.

    With his camera recovered, Eventholder thanked the goblins and vowed to create a special album featuring their stories. The friendship between Eventholder and the goblins transformed into a lasting partnership, where everyone shared their memories and joys.

    Eventholder returned to his city, and his adventure spread, inspiring others to create their own memories. His photographs continued to bring smiles to the faces of Tibians, and the Memory Box became a symbol of unity and happiness.

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