April 15, 2024

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Kelah Invencivel
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    Name: Kelah Invencivel
    Server: Libertabra
    Tittle: The Fox and the Eventholder’s


    In a world where it was very common for crimes to be committed,where friendship was practically a luxury to have,it was where a great and successful event organizer realized that his camera had been stolen, but it was not just any camera. It was the famous chamber called Memory Box, because it contained old and successful memories such as Rookgaard’s first level one hundred (Sunrise), the Family Del’Toro completing their first Annihilator when only two of the members were able to complete that adventure and obtaining the first and precious Stonecutter Axe, had memories of Bubble,Tomurka,Eternal Oblivion, but the most precious thing that that camera had was the exact moment where Arieswar kills a Dragon Lord and goes up many levels excessively and the organizer could not reveal said memory since the gods had fixed that he could have captured that moment but no one else could see him, so he took his armor, his sword and went looking for the thief, he spent days and days asking around the city and searching desperately, he ran into many enemies but finally found a a cave far away and hidden from Steven, an audaz fox, cornered him in a corner of the cave and asked him who else had seen the secrets and memories that his camera had to which Steven, replied , on his knees asking for forgiveness and begging for what he had committed that no one else had seen anything, only him. It was there that the organizer retrieved his camera and ran his sword through the fox’s chest while telling him that he could not let him live because of his agreement with the gods. With all this over, the gods gave you a thumbs up to keep using your camera and keep capturing the best moments!

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