April 15, 2024

Greetings Tibians!

In the early days of Tibia, players had to hoof it across the game world walking!

But things changed with the introduction of mounts, in 2010!
Finally, players had the option to ride creatures, making travel faster and more convenient. It was a game-changer, giving adventurers a whole new level of freedom to explore Tibia’s lands.

Although, the mounts in Tibia are not just modes of transportation; they are symbols of status, prestige, and adventure. You can ride a war horse, a fiery wolf, a magic carpet, a devil… there are so many options! From the rarest finds to the most expensive acquisitions, mounts hold a special place in the hearts of every Tibian. Whether proudly displayed in your house as a trophy or ridden through the cities.
Mounts are more than companions— they are a testament to your journey and achievements in Tibia.

Having this in mind, we invite you to show your skills and let your creativity show us your dedication to Tibia and its magnificent mounts by bringing them from the digital into the physical world.


Handcraft a Tibian mount in real life using common materials, such as paper, plastic, fabric, paint, wood, clay, wire, etc. Use your creativity to make to most of it. The most important point to be judged will be your creativity!


1) You must craft a mount using any material. The mount can be mountable (real size) or not. It is up to you. Making a mountable one will not give you extra points..

2) The crafted mount must be an existing mount within the world of Tibia.

3) 3D printings will not be accepted.

4) The mount has to be crafted by the player submitting it.

5) The participant must send 3 pictures of your mount creation process and 1 final picture of the mount.

6) All pictures must be sent in the same topic and not separately.

7) All pictures must show a paper with a written sign with the sentence: “Tibia Events.com – Fansite Appreciation Day 2024”.

8) The same paper has to be in all pictures, different papers won’t be accepted.

9) Edited pictures won’t be accepted.

10) Accepted formats of images are (.jpg .png and .bmp).

11) You must write the name of the chosen mount (Terror Bird, Racing Bird,  Ripptor, etc)on your topic when posting on forum, along with your character name and server.

12) Participants can send more than one entry, but can win only one prize.

13) Different entries have to be posted in different posts.

14) Tibia Events staff are not allowed to participate in this contest.

15) As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification.

16) This ia a family-friendly website, so any content related to drugs, sex, offensive or xenophobic won’t be tolerated.

17) Your post must follow the Tibia rules.

18) Any attempt of cheating or exploiting the rules will result in the disqualification from the contest.

19) Any question about the contest must be sent by Discord, in the channel #?contest-questions.

Our team, other admins and CipSoft will be judging.


All the submissions must be sent by the server save (10:00 am) of April 24th to be considered for the contest.
Please, keep in mind we are using CEST time. Make sure to compare the difference to your time zone and avoid missing the deadline.

Our team, other admins and CipSoft will be judging.


1st Place: Golden Warrior Trophy + choice between: Blue Sphere / Nightmare Doll / Memory Box.
2nd Place: Silver Warrior Trophy + choice between the remaining two items
3rd Place: Bronze Warrior Trophy + remaining item

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