May 29, 2024

4 thoughts on “Mount up contest 2024 winners!

  1. Estou muito feliz e grata pela primeira colocação no concurso. Este será meu primeiro fansite item da vida, obrigada Tibiaevents pela oportunidade! E parabéns a todos os participantes, amei cada participação, todos se esforçaram muito e quero reforçar, nunca desistam de tentar, pois eu não desisti. Gostaria de receber a linda Memory Box.

    I am very happy and grateful for placing first in the competition. This will be my first fansite item ever, thank you Tibiaevents for the opportunity! And congratulations to all the participants, I loved every participation, everyone tried very hard and I want to reinforce, never give up trying, because I didn’t give up. I would like to receive the beautiful Memory Box.

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    There were very good entries and I was excited to find out who the winners were.
    By any chance, was the complete table of participants and the number of votes published somewhere? It must have been a very close vote among so many good entries.

    Once again, congratulations to all! Lovely mounts, great work (:

  3. Yes some of entries are verry close! 3 others had 7 points
    Zari Alnia 7 points
    Leathia 7 points
    Cesario 7 points
    Dragons Fenix Zi 2 points
    Dushess Lara 1 point

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