June 22, 2024

13 thoughts on “A Parcel castle contest winners

  1. Congratz to the winners. However, its sad to see 2/3 are castles inside a house/guildhall. When I think of a parcel castle it should be in the open world of tibia, back 15+ years ago people built parcel castles as their house to have fun with friends etc. Building one inside protection zones with house/store deco is not in line with the true spirit of parcel castles in tibia.

  2. Wooo, thanks and gratz to winners! I find it weird that Lizzy Queen haven’t got single point cuz I really liked her deco. At other point, as someone commented here, I agree that this contest should happen outside of the houses to make it more challenging and creative.
    I will post what I would like to get after the winner post his choices. Regards

  3. I am happy to have participated in the contest, congratulations to the winners and also had other great entries. sorry for the delay, I would like to receive, A Blue Sphere, and Golden Rune Emblem (Paralyze)
    Thank so much!!

  4. Hi, I would like to get memory box and Golden rune emblem (paralyze). Smuu, pacera. Thanks!

  5. Hello, everything is fine? An annoying thing happened, I received the award from another player (Evandro da Roberta), while he probably received mine. I would like to know how to proceed.

  6. Hello Sio! it was my mistake i am sorry that happend!
    i’ve asked Evandro to return the prize to Rejana so he can recieve the correct prize!

    Once again sorry!

    1. thank you very much, everything has been corrected, thank you for your willingness and good organization of the event, it must have been a lot of work. I’m sorry for anything.

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