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13 minutes ago
Thank you! We hope you can join us next time :)
8 hours ago
Good Job guys
8 hours ago
Dam, missed it already :D I've seen the screenshots on facebook's page. It sure was awesome! Too bad I couldn't come :D
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Quote from jillt Great event.. i enjoyed... More
Gabeeofr0x 15 minutes ago
I'm wondering if you, still, are recruiting.
vamdevil 8 hours ago
Welcome back :) I hope you enjoy your stay
Sebbe Jan 11

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testFeb 5 2016 - THE PERFECT DATE

In past years we've celebrated Valentine's with our lovely "Speed date event" which consisted in using your charming skills with your date, which in those cases was another random player. This year, we've decided we'd like YOU to woo US (TE staff) and earn our hearts.

How will this work?

You will have the option to make either a male or a female staff member "fall in love" with you by taking him/her to the PERFECT DATE.

The perfect date will consist in 2 special tasks.

Number One.
Since you'll be taking us on a date, you will have to pick the perfect place to have it and decorate it for a romantic dinner.

Number Two.
We all love to hear/read nice things, so we'd like you to write a poem for us.

World, Date, time and meeting point:

World: Refugia
Date: Friday February 12th, 2016
Time: 21:30 CET
Meeting point: Thais depot

More information can be found in our thread

We'll be waiting for you!
Your Tibiaevents team.



testJan 24 2016 - NewYears Update

testith today's new years update

we have released our newest website a brand new design,this was needed to improve our website with brandnew features this year

Not only our main page but also our mobile website will be updated in time.

We hope you enjoy our newest website,a new featured article will be launched later upcoming week aswell as a brand new contest (Date of the contest has not been set yet) keep your eyes open!

TibiaEvents is back

Your TibiaEvents Team.



testJan 15 2016 - Join our TibiaEvents Team

teste are looking for you!

Always wanted to be a part of a team? then this is your chance,
TibiaEvents.com is currently searching for new team members.

We are in need of staff for the following positions:

What do you get?

To be part of one of the best Tibia fansites around, be part of a lot of events, get to know new people, participate in challenges to your own creativity, new experiences and the satisfaction of bringing fun to a lot of Tibians!

What do we ask of you?

Fill in our application form which can be found on our forum (short applications wont be accepted.)
U need to check the website at least once a day!
U need to help us organising events.
U need to respond on our forum.

Is this what you are looking for?
Then dont wait and fill in the application.

Information about how to apply can be found in our thread.

Your TibiaEvents Team.



testJan 8 2016 - What if Tibia had sound winners!

teste are happy to announce you the winners of the What if tibia had sound contest!

The video's showed us how tibia would sound if it had sound,but there can only be 3 winners!

so lets go! here are the winners of the what if tibia had sound contest 2015!

1st place: Kraiis - You won a Memory box + Teddy bear + Golden prison key

2nd place: Sheshie Yei - You won a Royal medal + mini mummy + silver prison key

3rd place: Arcnoss - You won a Heavy medal + Baby seal doll + bronze prison key

Please provide us your character name and world where it have to be send to!

Your TibiaEvents Team.


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Colours of magic

Demon's Lullaby

Rise of Devovorga

Annual Autumn

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