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toadettes Event
Oct 19
Happy Wednesday, TE fans
admin Admin
Oct 6
Oct 6
i think 3e place say in his post, 5 sword rings a few days ago
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testOct 25 2016 - Trick or treat

Helloooo to all the lovely eventers out there!

Halloween is about to arrive and we have something special for you this time! Are you ready to get some candyyyy?!

This year you will need to work together with a team! It can be your friends, or part of the community of Tibia Events, who knows? The teams will be made by TibiaEvents Team, so be prepared to meet new people! Most importantly you must work together, respect each other and enjoy the Halloween Event!

We have decided to make a big pool of prizes, so this time only one team will have all the prizes! BUT who will get the biggest one? Will you be the luckiest team member?

Prepare yourselves for a terrific Halloween!

Meeting point: Thais – Cemetery
World: Yanara
Date: October 30
Time: 19:00 CEST (9 hours after ss)

How it will work?

The staff of TibiaEvents will be spread around Thais and Greenshore, they will belong to some race of monsters, your team will belong to one of them; it’s mean that you will need to find the correct monster race in order to get the ticket that you’ll need to exchange for candies with the head Event Member at the meeting point.

Your team will be formed by 4 members designated by TibiaEvents. You and your team will need to work together in order to find the correct Event Member who will give you tickets, if the member that you found says “TRICK” instead of “TREAT” this will mean that isn’t your monster race so you must run and search again.

Monsters Race: Vampires, Ghouls and Mummies

To participate, you must sign up on the forum. You need to write your character name that you will be using for the event.

After the registration is closed, we will announce the teams and the color that will be designated to that team. So pay attention and stay tuned for the information. The color that your team will get will be recognizing by our team as part of their monster race.

**Note: Every team will be random.

More information inside our topic

Sign up starts today and ends on OCT 29 or when we fill the 20 spots, so...

Your TibiaEvents team.



testSep 23 2016 - TibiaEvents Triathlon

Hello Tibiathletes!
We were so excited about the recent Olympics and we thought we could also find some great athletes in Tibia, so here we are to invite you to our very first Triathlon. We have selected 3 different activities for you to become our very first Triathlon Champions!
For those who don’t know what a Triathlon is, it is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential activities.

Date: September 29

Time: 19:00 CEST

Server: Celesta

Here are the general rules:
- Only players of level 8 are allowed to compete.
- You have to sign up in the thread we mention at the end of this post. 
- You have to get the “Find Person” spell for this competition.
- You will be able to able to alter your speed, meaning that the use of Time Rings will be allowed.
- If you attempt anything against any other competitor, you will be removed from the competition.
- The usage of Dwarven rings is prohibited. 
- You have to respect the delimited/marked areas or you will be disqualified.
- Each activity will be graded by points:
- The first to finish will get 5pts
- The second will get 3pts
- The third will get 1pt
- The rest of the competitors will get none (0pts)
We will then sum the grades of each participant and reveal our 3 Triathlon Champions of 2016!

More information inside our topic

Warm youselfs up,
Your TibiaEvents Team.



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