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Have a wonderful weekend, guys! :)
Apr 28
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testApril 28 2016 - A real Demon's Lullaby

April Showers Brings May Spring… DEMON BABIES!
It’s time for our May event everyone! Are you ready?

Since it is demon baby season, we thought hard about real life demon babies, of where we could find such creatures… finally it hit us, our pets!

They can be sweet, lovable and who can say no to those eyes? Well… we all know when we’re not around what they’re doing… Plotting every possible plan to want to make us pull our hair out! They are our babies and we love them but they can sure be mistaken for demons sometimes.

For this event we want you to dress up your pet to the Tibian monster that reflects them the most when they act like the demon or dress them up as an actual demon baby doll like Evilina, Impward, Meandi, & Whinona. Take a picture and tell us one of their demonic stories and what or how you took care of them.

Some people might be wondering, “What about those people who do not have a pet?” Don’t worry! You can use your teddy bear or a doll to dress up.

Be a Real Nanny from Hell!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



testApril 14 2016 - Spring into Life

Once again it is the time of the year when dragon mothers hatch their eggs to send out their dangerous breed to set the Tibian lands on fire.

From April 16 (server save) until April 23 (server save), almost every dragon lair will be filled with newborn dragon hatchlings.
Sharpen your blades! Sharpen your shiver arrows! Get your avalanche and icicle runes! Show them that Tibians are not afraid of fire, but beware: more hatchlings will follow and get out of their eggs until the dragon breeding season is over again! As a reward for your bravery, every dragon hatchling will yield 25% more experience.

And even though Easter has passed already in the real world, in Tibia five surprise nests are hidden in most of the Tibian cities and with some luck, you might find something nice in them. Furthermore, rabbits, chickens, and silver rabbits are dropping colourful eggs. During this event, you can also buy them from Imalas, Maria, and Bonifacius.

Get ready!
Your TibiaEvents Team.


testApril 7 2016 - Spring event

Dear event fans!

The Bunny this year is a bit late! but he didn't forget about you!

The Easter Bunny/Hare will start soon! so be prepared!
Therefore we've decided to help the bunny with hidding some eggs for you to find, have some fun and get awesome prizes!

So here are some things you should know:

Where will this event take place?

Were will we meet every participant?
That place is decided but we will keep it secret till the hour before the event is going to take place

Date & Time

April 16 (14:00) 4 hours after S.S Celesta!
April 17 (16:00) 6 hours after S.S Yanara!

More information can be found in our thread

We hope to see you all there
Your TibiaEvents Team.



testMar 23 2016 - Design a flag or banner Winners

Dear TibiaEvents fans,

We have chosen the winners of our latest contest connected with the 19th anniversary of Tibia. We would like to thank to all participants for the whole effort. We are glad that so many of you took part and we hope that you enjoyed our contest.

Here are the winners:

1st place goes to: Nelasz, Vinera - Entry nr 45 - (29 points) you won a Golden prison key + Memory box
2nd place goes to: Neesha, Yanara - Entry nr 14 - (10 points) you won a Silver prison key + Panda teddy
3rd place goes to: Pidgeon Mage, Amera - Entry nr 7 - (7 points) you won a Bronze prison key + Stuffed dragon

Your TibiaEvents Team.



testMar 16 2016 - Mr and Mrs Event of the year

Mr and Mrs Event of the year!

Are you a huge fan of events? do you like to attend in every event created by us or another fansite? do you want to become Mr and Mrs event of the year? then this is your chance..

What do i have to do to become a MR or Mrs event of the year?
*Be active on our site
*Attend as many as you can in events!
*Create a topic of your own posting screenshots of you attending in events(mention the names of the fansite's to!)
Sign up yourself in this topic (You will get a title on your profile with I want to become mr and or mrs event of the year and also the numbers of events you have attended in will be shown on your profile started from 0)
*Mention your main char in every event to one of our team members they will write down your name also explain you are attending in becoming mr or mrs event of the year
*The event name or contest title must be written on your character page on tibia.com (main char)

What do you get from us?
Your name will be shown on our website (a special page will be created for that)
A free Memory box!
A title on your profile with mr or miss event of the year 2016 - 2017 etc.. etc..

So are you ready to become mr and mrs event of the year?
More information can be found in our thread!

We are awaiting for you!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



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Demon's Lullaby

Rise of Devovorga

Annual Autumn

The Lightbearer


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