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Wonders of the Tibian World
The Tibian world is full of wonders. In collaboration with the Adventurers' Guild and the Explorer Society, Amaro De Quester calls upon you to embrace amazing Tibian monuments that leave you awestruck.


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Loyalty points
Loyalty points were introduced in the game when Tibia turned 18 years old. Many players asked for a reward for their “loyalty” to Tibia...


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Mar 03 2015 - Due to a small client patch, the server ...[]
save takes longer than usual today. We expect all game worlds to be back online around 10:45 CET.
Mar 02 2015 - In February, 17226 accounts have been ...[]
deleted for using unofficial software to play.
Mar 02 2015 - TibiaMagazine.com has published a new ...[]
edition of their magazine! All interested Spanish speakers, head on over to TibiaMagazine.com to read up on the latest happenings in Tibia!
Mar 02 2015 - TibiaEvents.com has published a new ...[]
article, a guide about Loyalty points. You have questions about that topic? Check out their new guide, it is available in English!
Feb 24 2015 - TibiaVenezuela.com has published a ...[]
new article, a quite philosophical approach to "loyalty". Are you up for a good read? Head on over there and have a look, it is available in Spanish and English.
Feb 23 2015 - With today's server save, we ...[]
addressed an issue with the accessibility of the everhungry altar during the The Fire-Feathered Sea Serpent quest.
Feb 20 2015 - TibiaMisterios.com.br has published ...[]
a tutorial in Portuguese for the upcoming world event "a Piece of Cake". Not sure how to participate in the event? Head on over to TibiaMisterios.com.br to find helpful hints!
Feb 17 2015 - Cateroide.com.br joined the fansite ...[]
programme today. Are you interested in videos or live streams about Tibia? Do you speak Portuguese? If so, pay them a visit at Cateroide.com.br!
Feb 16 2015 - TibiaJourney.com is currently suffering ...[]
from some difficulties, so they are offline for the time being. They apologise for the inconvenience and hope to be back online for you as soon as possible.
Feb 16 2015 - TibiaEvents.com wants to revive ...[]
Valentine's Day. They invite you to their belated Valentine's contest, and they are hungry for cake. It is baking time! Curious what this is about? Check all information about the event on TibiaEvents.com!
Feb 12 2015 - To celebrate their very first ...[]
anniversary, TibiaMagazine.com has started a contest featuring their fansite item, the enigmatic midnight panther doll. The contest is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Check TibiaMagazine.com for further info!


testFeb 16 2015 - Bake a Valentinescake for TibiaEvents!

talentine's Day has recently passed and we: TibiaEvents, didn't receive any gifts at all. ~looks sad~

No letters, no chocolate hearts or any of those.

So we thought: "why not just ask for them from our community?"

And there we are, rewarding you guys and galls with prizes for the most awesome valentine's cake you can bake for us!

So start impressing with your: Imagination, creativity, dedication and romanticism!

Grab you aprons and cooking materials, because we are about to leave the dungeons to enter in a whole new adventure.

We want our Valentine’s Cake!

Heart backpacks with

(1st place) - 300 demonic essences + choice of 10 bullseye/mastermind/beserk potions + A Yellow rose

(2nd place) - 200 demonic essences + choice of 10 bullseye/mastermind/beserk potions + A badge of glory

(3rd place)- 100 demonic essences + choice of 10 bullseye/mastermind/beserk potions + Premium time (scroll)

This event will start 16-02-15 12:00 Cet and end 02-03-15 12:00 Cet.

Rules can be found in our thread

We wish you the best of luck!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



testFeb 13 2015 - Design a pet Winners

te had a hard time this week,you guys made it really hard for us.

With tears in his eyes our newest pet just arrived in our TibiaEvents house,its settled down now and preparing for our next contest! our team gave him a warm welcome.He never felt something like that before,since he arrived he laughed and laughed jumped around the TibiaEvents house,we asked him to come back inside so he could introduce himself to our TibiaEvents Users! well he's doing it right now prepare yourselfs because here's our newest pet.

Eventholder is the name!
I am here to entertain you all.
My birthday is Jan 31 2015 Im only a few weeks old! I love cookies and chips! and mostly of all events! my friends became a family to me "Tears in his eyes" if you have questions for me just ask! i will answer them all!
Kind regards,
Your Eventholder!

The event holder has spoken!
here are the winners:

On the first place vinim with his lovely Event holder! you won a Golden warrior trophy,Choice between (Nightmare doll, Tome of
choice or a Wooden Whistle)

On the second place: User_445 with his Rademi
You won a Silver warrior trophy, Choice between (same list as 1st/whatever 1st doesn't pick)

On the third place: VerionDeraxis with his cute baby hydra's in a backpack!
You won a Bronze warrior trophy + whats left

The honourary price goes to: Hypnos With his pingoo!
You won a Hero's Medal.

We like to thank every participant,
You all made it hard for us really hard well a big
Congratulation from our entire team! And Eventholder

See you in our next event!
Your TibiaEvents Team.




testJan 26 2015 - Design a pet for TibiaEvents

tibia Events is calling all designers & artists!

We already have our very own fan-site item:
"the glorious Memory Box",
but it’s kind of lonely up there in the site's banner.
After a brainstorming session we decided that what we need for our site is a: "TibiaEvents pet"!
That’s why we are asking your help. We invite you to design a brand new pet for our fan-site. Grab your pencil, pen or design tablet and let your imagination fly!

How to participate:

You will have to create a pet that represents Tibia Events
You can do so by drawing it on paper(analog) or using a program (digital) and present us
Any image format it allowed: jpg, bmp, png and so on

three final pictures. The pictures you will need to present are:
1) A 150x150 pixel version of the pet, renderized and in png format

(If you don’t know how to renderize an image, just post it with a white or neutral color background, stating such information when you present your entry).

2) A 500x700 pixel complete detailed final design image.

3) A 1100x1300 pixel character sheet including:
- details of the design
- sketches
- name of the pet
- explanation of the concept

More information can be found in our topic!

We wish you the best of luck!
Kind regards,
Your TibiaEvents Team.



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