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Yesterday, 20:19
Any people here playing on any of the new servers?
Yesterday, 02:52
Deffa on the Yalahar Quiz 2015, doom lord of giveaways. Screen shot posted on my guild thread here
Nov 25
New contest! woop! :D
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testNov 25 2015 - What if Tibia had sound?

testello there Event fans!

You ever wondered how Tibia would be if it had sounds? Now its up to you to make the sounds of a monster or whatever you want.

So are you ready to show us how do you think Tibia sounds?!

How will this work?

In november, the contest is about to make a short or shorter videos in which you will have to make the sounds of creatures, Npc's, ammunitions, spells or any thing in Tibia.

The event starts November 27th and the last day of the contest is December 28th.

More information can be found in our thread

Have your voice ready!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



testOct 15 2015 - TibiaEvents' Castle of Evil Winners

teste proudly present you the winners of the Castle of Evil event 2015 on Refugia.

It was a really hard time for us to choose between so many nice castle's! But we got them!

So here they are:

Winners of the TibiaEvents Castle of evil 2015

1st place - Smuu Sparks
Castle: - Terror Home
World: - Refugia

2nd place - Pinkshe
Castle: - Dead brains haunted cave
World: - ?

3rd place - Kenox Mara
Castle: - The Caldroom
World: - ?

Give us the name and world where you want the prizes to be send to! keep in mind that the prizes will be send out next week. Have a wonderfull weekend!

We hope to welcome you in our next event!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



testOct 15 2015 - TibiaEvents' Castle of Evil event!

testelcome dear Event fans!

Do you think you have the talent to decorate? Your friends say you have good taste and ask for advice to decorate their houses? Do you have the ability to create and build new forms and things? Well, our Halloween event edition brings you the opportunity to show us your talent!

Halloween approaches and we are looking for the most terrifying decoration! The most horrific room for every monster's nightmare!

How will this work?

The event consists in building a "castle" or more like a room with parcels and decorate it for Halloween. The difference is that we will be judging this live! You will have a certain amount of time to build a creative lair and decorate it under the Halloween theme by using only the items we will be providing!

Since this will be a live competition event, we will only be taking 30 participants, you will have to sign up on Refugia's World thread (we will provide the link shortly).

Sign up starts today and ends on October 29th or when we fill the 30 spots, so..

More info can be found in our thread

Your TibiaEvents team.



testOct 4 2015 - Real-life Tibia Weapon And Shield Craft Winners!

teste have our winners!
Congratulations to the strong ones, we loved your Real life weapons!!

Well here we go:

1st place - Mali Hipohonder
Item: Bonelord Shield
World: Nerana

2nd place - Kozi sama
Item: Umbral Master Spellbook
World: Astera

3rd place - Apocalypse Down
Item: Giant Sword
World: Luminera

Congratulations once again and a big THANK YOU to all those who participated, see you on our next event!

Stay prepared!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



testSep 4 2015 - Real-life Tibia Weapon And Shield Craft Contest!

Become part of the legends of TibiaEvents!

Craft your favorite Tibia Weapon from wood, cardboard, paper-mâché, or any materials you have, in full life-size! It can be your beloved Shiny Blade, your mighty Demonwing Axe, your feared Wand of Voodoo, or your screaming Warsinger Bow with some Crystalline arrows!! It can be any of your favorite in-game weapons! Let your imagination be your guide.

Craft your favorite Tibia Shield from wood, cardboard, paper-mâché, or any materials of your choice, in life-size! It can be your beloved Phoenix Shield, your super light Demon Shield, or your sparking Rainbow Shield, or did you think about your Spellbooks?! It can be any of your favorite in-game shields (including spellbooks)! Let your imagination be your guide!

PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW ALL THE RULES BEFORE YOU START BUILDING YOUR WEAPON OR SHIELD OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE CONTEST WITHOUT NOTICE! How often it is that we here at TibiaEvents have to discard some wonderful contest entries because people did not follow ALL the rules. Please read and follow all the rules and save us all the heartache!

We wish you the best of luck!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



testJul 31 2015 - Hide & Seek event!

testello Event fans! Time has come to host an in-game event and we'll be hosting the winning event of our previous contest "Create an in-game event" which is the Hide & Seek Event by Elite Omar Sama! And in this occasion, we will be taking it to the lands of Harmonia!

Date: Friday August 7th, 2015

Time: 19:00 CEST (9hrs after server save)

Meeting point: Ab'dendriel on the first floor above ground, west of depot in Treetop, where NPC Eroth is.

More information can be found in our thread

Lets Seek!
Your TibiaEvents Team.





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