February 8, 2023


Feb 08 2023 - New optional pvp online

The new Optional PvP game worlds Dia (EU), Vitera (NA), and Etebra (SA) are now up and running! Have fun!

Feb 07 2023 - Rookie interview

Rookie.com.pl has interviewed Satudo, one of CipSoft's testers. Are you interested to learn what the test team does? Then this interview is for you. It is available in English and Polish. Head on over to Rookie.com.pl and enjoy the read!

Feb 06 2023 - Tibia compensation on Esmera

As compensation for the reset of Esmera, a double XP/skill weekend will take place on this game world between the server saves of February 10 and February 13, 2023.

Feb 06 2023 - TibiaGoals event

Huntsie #1 of 2023, a relay-race, has been announced on TibiaGoals.com. You will need a partner to participate. The event starts on February 11, 21:00 CET and will last for approximately 1 hour. However, you are asked to sign up in advance! Check out all details and the rules of the event directly on TibiaGoals! Good luck to all participants!

Feb 06 2023 - TibiaDaily contest

Do you want to be able to check what contests are currently running? TibiaDaily.com would like to invite you to visit their contest section. In this part of their fansite, they offer you an overview of current fansite contests. Check it out!

Running TibiaEvents Contest

Hello everybody, as you may have noticed from the title, it’s our anniversary, it’s been 10 years since the fan site started and it’s been a long way from then. So, to celebrate, we will host a party contest, where you will have to bake a cake for the...

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