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Just like in real life, our play style within Tibia, no matter if it is the roleplay or all the way to the war action, you will always find yourself involved in some sort of Event.


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Jul 22 2014 - In order to obtain further information ...[]
about today's technical issue, Testa and Testera will be set up shortly. Please help us by playing there using the Tibia flash client on www.test.tibia.com. Thank you for your help.
Jul 22 2014 - Due to unexpected technical problems ...[]
we have to take all game worlds offline. We will inform you once the problems are fixed. We are sorry for any inconveniences.
Jul 22 2014 - With today's server save, the improved ...[]
animations and a few fixes have been released. Server save and the automatic patching process may take longer than usual. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.51 from our download section.
Jul 14 2014 - Just shortly after their 10th anniversary ... []
TibiaNews.net dropped out of the fansite programme. We want to thank the team for having been part of Tibia for such a long time! Best wishes from all of us here for your future!
Jul 08 2014 - Preview Worlds: Due to some technical ...[]
maintenance, we need to reboot Aurora and Aurera shortly. In addition, a second reboot will follow about one hour later. Both downtimes should only take a few minutes.
Jul 08 2014 - The ten lucky winners of the "Guess ...[]
the date of the update!" poll have been drawn. CM tokens were sent to the inbox of the highest levelled character on their accounts. Congratulations!
Jul 07 2014 - Rest assured that we are in close ...[]
contact with our service provider to resolve the recent connection issues such as mass kicks and login problems. Together, we are doing what we can to initiate proper countermeasures.
Jul 07 2014 - To celebrate their anniversary, ...[]
FunTibia.com started a birthday contest. Details are available in English and Portuguese. Check them out to celebrate with them!
Jul 07 2014 - There is a new feedback form online. ...[]
What are your experiences with the new payment system? Help us by giving us your feedback! This survey will end at Jul 21 2014. Thanks for participating!
Jun 16 2014 - The private test of the forthcoming ...[]
summer update has started! Tutors, senators, fansite representatives, focus group members, and former closed beta testers have been invited. Check the test website www.test.tibia.com for further info!
Jun 16 2014 - We had to reset the world Danubia to ...[]
the state of June 15, 10:00 CEST, due to a technical problem. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
Jun 15 2014 - We had to reset the world Julera to ...[]
the state of June 14, 10:00 CEST, due to a technical problem. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
Jun 13 2014 - We are pleased to announce that a ...[]
new professional tester has joined CipSoft. Seyva's skills and experience make her a valuable asset to our tester team. Welcome aboard!
Jun 13 2014 - TibiaVenezuela.com just published a ...[]
new article. In it, you can read some theories on the term "char lover". Have you ever wondered about that term? Head on over there, and read the article! It is available in English and Spanish.
Jun 12 2014 - Check out TibiaVenezuela.com, they ...[]
started a new event today to kick off the football celebrations that will accompany all of us in the following weeks!


testJun 17 2014 - Tibiaevents.com version 1.7

Tibiaevents.com will be offline on July 8 we will release TibiaEvents.com version 1.7 the website will be down for one hour!

Some features which will be released

Facebook connect
- added additional step with required profile questions after the first sign-up
- made invitations removal for passed events automatically
- applied user permission "view event" to event lists
- fixed displaying updated event title in newsfeed

- complete redesign and merger with Instant Chat, becoming a new single system called Messages
- added mobile version support
- added indication for sender if a recipient profile is suspended

And many more things! which will be shown right after the update!

Kind regards,
Your TibiaEvents team.


testapr 3 2014 - Easter egg hunt on nova!

testello Nova!
We know it’s not Easter yet but since easter is also family time, the Easter Bunny has come early to Tibiaevents!

Therefore we've decided to help the bunny with hiding some eggs for you to find, have some fun and get awesome prizes!

So here are some things you should know:

Where will this event take place?
We will be meeting every participant in the north exit of Thais (close to the Dark Mansion GH).

Date & Time
April 6th, 17:00 CET!

General info about the event:
- Anyone can take part.
- You are able to get as many eggs as you can find.

Rules and other information can be found in our thread.
Be ready to have a lot of fun, making friends, enjoy the competition, prizes & more!

Any questions please feel free to post here or ask Mari Party,Xodham or Madame Belikov!

Hope to see you all there!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



testApr 2 2014 - Tibia Events Ball League!

testello Tibians!

We are proud to announce that the first TEBL will be hosted on Antica!

If you love football, love tibia and love prizes, you can't miss it!!

Here are some things you should know:

Where will this event take place?
The games will be played at Yalaharian football ground.

Date & Time
Join us Sunday 13, April! (Antica)

General info about the event:
- Any guild, from any world can participate.
- Just 1 team can be representative of his guild.

Rules and other information can be found at Community Forums at www.tibia.com or here.

Be ready to have a lot of fun, enjoy the competition, prepare your tactics and score tons of goals!!!!

Any questions please feel free to post here, tibian community and Antica forums or ask Skyzo!

Hope to see you all there!
Your TibiaEvents Team.


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Jul 13
Germany or Argentina? Which team will win the World Cup?
Jul 10
Yay!!! :p
Jul 9
Ready for some new event? :D
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Loved it Mari! Keep updating it though!
So many nice memories :) well done!

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